MKE Week 29+ Preparing To Fly

Oh, the places we shall go!   🙂 From the desert foothills, beaches, and valleys, to the mountaintops, and clouds… We are ALL Limitless, Boundless, and FREE! Don’t you see? After proudly graduating the MKMMA class of 2016,  then Continuing on to become a Lifetime member, and attending the Kauai Live Retreat this past May, […]

MK Week 28- The Matter of Degrees

Here we Are! In the final Chapter of the Masterkeys. We made it! Ya-hoooo!!!  During the final Continuation Webinar today, as I was Intently Focusing on every word Mark J. was speaking to us, I felt a very familiar, yet quiet nudge, which became stronger and stronger. A sudden urge to bring Everything Full circle, […]

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