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MK Continuation- Week 26- The Wheel In The Sky
MK Continuation-Week 1 It’s Been Such A Long Time
HERE I AM!   With all the Intricate roads, curves, bridges, and connections, I have finally made it to the[...]
MK Week 24-Transcending The Noise
                               The last couple of weeks[...]
MK Week 23- The Regeneration Factor
For the last couple of weeks I've been struggling with this....... Melting, Falling apart, and Missing Pieces of My Self....[...]
MK Week 22A- The Silent Spirit Within
This week we were asked to do something Absolutely Incredible for ourselves...... An Extended period of Silence, and Sitting. This[...]
MK Week 22- Tools for Inner Landscape Expansion
 Oh, how I LOVE this Tool Shed, and utilizing the tools Within...  I see Blue Rectangles.... .... and Green Triangles! :)[...]

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