About Brenda

My name is Brenda Buck. I was born into an upper middle class suburban neighborhood in N. Dallas, Tx. in August of 1966. Yes, I am a Virgo- through and through. As the youngest of 4 siblings, my formative years were interesting, to say the least. I have lived many places throughout my life, and I am definitely a Texan by nature. I am a 50 year old Mom of 4 beautiful souls, whom are now all grown, and are moving on to start their own lives.  I now have the time and the freedom to pursue MY dreams. This is only the beginning….

My goal is to secure Liberty, and leave behind a Legacy for my own four kids, and future generations.  I am passionate about the beach, nature, plants, family, the color purple, journaling in preparation for writing my autobiography, and my businesses (Mary Kay, Designated Driving, Travel, AirBnB, MLM).  I like to help others by enriching their lives through various means.

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