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Brenda’s Amazing Journey Has Moved!
Aloha! In 2017, I moved! Please continue to follow my Master Key Journey at
MKE Week 7-11 The Journey of The Next Thousand Miles
Ah, Yes! My favorite numbers... 7 & 11. Suddenly, I think back to when I was but 7 years old.....[...]
MKE Week 3-6 The Journey Of A Thousand Miles
               Wow! The last month here in the Masterkeys has been Incredibly Indescribable- Beyond[...]
MKE Week 2- The Seasonal Changes Within
These are my tennis shoes, and this is Colorado, in Sept. 2016, at my semi annual family reunion, just before[...]
MKE Week 1- Breaking Free From My Shell
  What Do You want? What are you looking for? They asked this of me over and over again, until[...]
MKE Week 29+ Preparing To Fly
Oh, the places we shall go!   🙂 From the desert foothills, beaches, and valleys, to the mountaintops, and clouds...[...]

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