MK Continuation- Week 26- The Wheel In The Sky


                                The Experience, and Adventures of the last 3 weeks here in the Masterkeys have been

                                                  Perfectly, and Permanently Life changing! 

                                                 I Promise to Manifest LIBERTY and LEGACY

      My Son and I started this Incredible Journey on May 10th, by first flying to Los Angeles to visit with my 23 year old daughter. who is expecting her first child. 🙂  Grandbaby #2 for me, this time, a Grandson! I am simply Stoked by this news! We spent two lovely days in that desert in So Cal, with the stars shining ever so Brightly all around. What an Incredible, Peaceful, Easy Feeling, just like one of my favorite songs by the Eagles that you may listen to here-




We then continued on to Kauai, for the next 8 days. Just Wow! The Dream of returning to visit my Island home is now complete. The Feeling of my toes being in that Homeland sand is almost Indescribable…. 

First, we started by renting this Jeep. Haha! Not what I had reserved, and Bright RED?! Are you kidding me here with this? My least favorite Color. LOL. Since our flight in was almost the last arrival onto the Island for the night, this was the only option available. An Immediate Mind Shift becomes necessary right away! It’s a good thing that I have been learning how to handle this for the last 7 months!

Hmmm… Red Circles, for me, mean that I am Unstoppable! 🙂 Within a day or so, I grew to LOVE this Ride… and Yes! That is #Sixhunnadolla, my ever faithful Co-Pilot-  navigating and surfing! 🙂

The Spirit of a thing is the thing itself, and He wanted to, and deserves to, put his toes in his homeland sand, too! 🙂




Ha! An hour later, my brother, and 2 of my nephews, age 16 & 18, flew in from Honolulu to spend a few days with us. We picked them up, and headed to our home for the week in Princeville.  The next day, we went shopping, got settled in for the Exciting week ahead, met a few locals, and did some surfing and exploration. In driving around… Wow, oh Wow…. Such a Beautiful place to call home! 




 On Sunday, we all met at the Kauai Beach resort to begin the Ultimate treasure hunt. 🙂 The Coffee, the Juices, and the Fresh Pineapple- I can smell and taste them still…  My classmates, and the Energy ALL around… are now a Permanent part of Who I AM….


In our seeking of the treasure, we discovered these Rainbow trees, a monastery, a lighthouse, and a remote beach. Haha! So very Intriguing and so much FUN! 🙂 Did I mention the Feeling of my toes in the sand, and the tradewinds blowing through my hair again? The above pictures say it all…. Pure Bliss. 

Monday began Hammertime in the classroom, so the guys headed out to explore the Island some more while I intently studied with my lovely Peers. In the afternoon, the whole rock solid group of us drove to Polihale State Park, to watch the sunset from the westernmost part of the United States. At the end of a long, slow, and treacherous road, there lies this Incredible Beauty….

              I AM is now Forever changed….


On Tuesday, more classroom time for me, so the guys went kayaking up the Wailua river to the Fern Grotto. This quickly became the Forever resting place for Jeremy’s phone, and the footage of him addressing his fear of jumping off of a 40′ cliff into the ocean below, and having to swim quite a long distance back to shore. In the afternoon, we stopped by The Queen’s bath, where I managed to film a sea turtle just a swimmin’, and I challenged myself to do some climbing on the rocks. Then on the airport, to bid my brother farewell, for now…..

Haha! Now, as many of you know, here in Texas, I am a designated driver, serving the masses, strictly at their whim. I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed being the one to be chauffeured around for the last several days. In our galavanting, we passed the famous Coco Palms Resort at least twice a day, and my brother divulged some inside information to me, and immediately, THAT wheel started spinning forward. I’ll write more about this endeavor in next week’s post. For Now, though,  I am to take the helm again. Ha! Alrighty then…. 

Obstacles? You betcha! Around here, we eat those for breakfast. Right, Mark J.? 🙂


Haha! All these different color personalities! Are we having Fun Yet? Yes, of course, we are! Tremendous Fun!

Caution! We are Creative Adults at Play!



On Wednesday, our group went for an early morning cruise to a remote snorkeling spot off the Napali coast, which is completely non- accesible by car. We were escorted on two Beautiful Catamarans, the Northern and Southern Stars. I was afraid that I would be seasick, as I was the first and last time I went sailing. That was in Kaneohe bay, with my big sister, way back when I was but 9 years old….  Oh, the memories….

There was no queeziness this time, but there was great food, great people, and these Gorgeous views…


                                          Then onto some Beach Combing, and Dream Sharing on the Beach….


Thursday came with some bittersweet feelings, as it was our official last day of class. Some of the most Real, and Beautiful Spirits I’ve ever met are right here with me in this classroom…. and I don’t want to go home. Period.

So, Thursday afternoon is slated for a tour from the sky with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. Yikes! With my fear of heights, this is scaring me to death….

C’mon Sixhunnadolla, for You are the Captain of this Ship….  Flying in a helicopter WAS one of my fears, and wouldn’t you know it, they placed me front and center, right next to the pilot! Wowza!!!! Check this out!! Haha! I really, really don’t want to go home now! I seriously almost lost my Driver’s Licence on this one.. I AM Speechless!!

  Sixhunnadolla piloting the Helicopter! 🙂 

                                                    Indeed, even Puff the Magic Dragon Lived by the Sea!   




So….  When you mix Imagination with Intense Desire, what is the End Result?

That’s Right!   The Ability to Create the Life that You want!



Which brings me to Masterminding on the Beach, The Luau, physically driving down The Seven Bridges Road, yet again, and our farewell party on Anini Beach all day on Friday…. which Beautifully culminated the whole week, and the lasts 7 months of doing the Hard Mental Labor that so very few are willing to do. I cherish each and every one of you in my heart. Thank You for just BEING Who You are! 

MK Week 17- The Seven Bridges Road


I now KNOW that this is where I belong. This is where my heart has remained for the last 40 years. It’s our last day here for now, and there is something I must go do, so I silently walk away from my beloved MKMMA group for a couple of hours….. to SIT, Reflect, Think, and just Let it all go….

Do you remember all those bad memory ashes that I wanted to give a proper burial out to Sea?

Well, here they are…. In their final resting place, right along with my Old Blueprint!

It’s now a Done Deal, and it’s ALL Good!


We returned the Jeep, and made our flight with 30 minutes to spare… and now that I am back in my Peaceful Zone, there are frequent Continuation and Guide Webinars to attend, Blogs to write, Stories to tell, and People to Inspire!


For THIS is the End Result… We are here just long enough to tie up all these loose ends, and go right back home, to begin working on the next project in Mind….. Purple Orchid Adventures, at your Kauai Island service. Oh, now THIS is FUN!!! And…

This course is Absolutely the Best thing that I have ever done for myself, and for those that I Love. 

Aloha, and Mahalo, until we meet again! 

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Nicki Goff

What a great summing up of your week in Kauai and the last 7 months, Brenda. You’re an inspiration!

Sarah Dooley

Well done! Love the pics!!

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