MK Continuation-Week 1 It’s Been Such A Long Time

HERE I AM!   With all the Intricate roads, curves, bridges, and connections, I have finally made it to the top of this deep chasm….

What an absolutely Incredible Experience THIS is, Everyday! 

Within ourselves, and the Journey itself, is most definitely where Life Itself resides. We breathe, therefore we are. Whole. Perfect. Strong. Powerful. Loving. Harmonious. HAPPY! 🙂

When we all commenced the MKMMA back in late March, it was such a Bittersweet day, one that is ingrained in my Subby for good. I laughed. I cried. I shed tears of Joy, Happiness, and Accomplishment. Little did I know at that time, what the Real Effect of transforming myself into a Finely-tuned Self Directed thinker would be. 


At first, without weekly webbies, and Mark J.’s structured guidance, it was really tough. My old Blueprint tried to take back over my thoughts, I started backsliding, being lazy, and not wanting to do some of my daily exercises. I was not willing to sacrifice the time it takes me to create these blogs.  I got sad, lonely, and a little discouraged……. I sat, and I cried some more, this time tears of resolve. I did a lot of thinking about Life. The struggle was very Intense, and very Real….

Then, that Gnawing Feeling in my mind, and my Solar Plexus, just wouldn’t let me sleep, within my allotted times.        

                Guilt? Maybe….  Defiance? Maybe….  Refusal of the Call? Maybe so…. Failure? Not a Chance!!!


I stayed connected to my beloved Master Key group. Alliances were formed, Masterminds were formed. Friendships were formed….. and the exercises became habit again, instantly!

I Think, therefore I Create! I Persist, therefore I WIN! 

Yea- I make my own weather, and I transport it with me, wherever I may go. 

I learned to laugh at the world, and most of all…… I learned to laugh at myself.

My Self-Confidence Grew, and my DMP is coming to fruition right before my eyes! 

I learned that I do indeed Create my own Reality. In the last two weeks alone, I have put this fact to the Ultimate test. I can see and Feel my Spirit within, creating my world without, with these two hands. The Energy is Amazing!

My injured left hand has now healed itself, and I am now stronger than ever, in so many different ways! There is a Flame ignited within, which carries an intense desire to learn, grow, and finish everything that I have ever started.

Tomorrow morning, I AM is boarding an airplane, and travelling to first, California, to secure my Legacy, and then on to Hawaii, to secure my Liberty.

It’s definitely Go time!

I’ll see you again on that Marvelous Flipside! 🙂 


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Barbara Bibb

I just read a few of your blog posts. You are a great and inspiring writer!

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You Barbara! I do really enjoy living my life in this way! 🙂


Awesome post my dear beloved friend. I miss you. See you on the flipsideYou and Jeremy INjoy Kauai!! ✈️

    Brenda Buck

    Thank You, my lovely friend! Thank You also for encouraging me to sign up last year. WOW!!!! What an Awesome Experience! 🙂
    I miss you, too and we are Indeed, Immensely enjoying this tropical homeland… So much, in fact, that my DMP needs a little adjusting! THIS IS the real Flipside! 🙂 My toes have met the sand and the waves again, after so very, very long, and these tradewinds have an Indescribable FEEL, straight through to my very Being! I AM Grounded, I AM connected, and I have become my own very best friend…. Ha! I feel the Energy of my next blog being created as I type…. 🙂


Brenda you are inspiring, with your courage, persistence, practice and patience. Wow you are so good at this and I always learn something from your posts. Thank you

    Brenda Buck

    Hey, Paul! Thank You. I do really enjoy writing these blogs. 🙂 Haha! Right here, and right now, I want to Thank You also, for being the one Guide that pushed me to my limit one day over having to rewrite my DMP, yet again, until it was Perfect. I remember that email so well. I got angry. I stomped my feet. I yelled, and I threw my books across the room. I told myself just forget it. But that one sentence from you, changed my resolve forever. “Take out that one self- limitation, and you are Golden.” Indeed, I AM, and now I know the reasoning, and method, behind all this perceived madness. LOL. We are ALL Golden, and must Carry On….

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