MK Continuation- Week 26.1- Dust In The Wind

On the menu for this month are Challenges…. they make for an Excellent Breakfast!

As many of you know, classic rock and roll is a constant part of my daily life. It goes hand in hand with everything that I do. The music that I enjoy, the lyrics, the words, the Feeling that the Artists put into their work…….. OMG!! It has such deep meaning for me…

When I need some silence, or reflection, or making a huge decision, I turn to my favorite songs, as I AM doing in this moment right now, starting with #1- The Logical Song, my favorite, as this is my perception of what happened to me at a very young age. I am listening one by one as I write this Blog to all of You. In fact, many of my blogs here have titles that are actually Music Titles.  Please enjoy my You tube Playlist- on The Purple Orchid Adventures Channel, below.  



07-13- 2017  UPDATE: The above was written almost a month ago, and I find myself wondering just exactly where I have been all this time, let alone most of my adult life….  I’ve taken this thought into many, many Sits. The answer is unwaveringly Clear, Concise, and Consistent…..

Oh, these lyrics say it all…..

Styx- Crystal Ball….  Tell me, tell me, where I’m going, I don’t know where I’ve been….  Tell me, tell me, won’t you                                             tell me, and then tell me again…. my heart is breaking, my body’s aching, I don’t know where                                                    to go…..  I just need to know…. 

Next Up? Kansas….. The Point of No Return-  Today, I found a message floating in the Sea from You to Me….

Dust In The Wind-  Same old Story, just a drop of water in an endless Sea……

Carry On My Wayward Son-  

   Once I rose above the noise and confusion, just to get a glimpse                                                                                                  beyond this Illusion, I was Soaring ever Higher, but I flew too                                                                                                    High….. Though my eyes could see, I still was a blind man,                                                                                                          though my mind could think, I still was a madman, I hear the                                                                                                    voices when I’m dreaming, I can hear them say, Carry on my                                                                                                    wayward son, there will be Peace when you are done…

Tossed about them like a ship on the ocean,  I set a course for Winds of Fortune….

Over the last month, I have packed, and prepared for shipping ALL of one of my daughter’s belongings, sold my beloved Toyota Tundra, cleared some debt, received an offer on one of my homes that are for sale, re-organized and packed some of my belongings, caught up with myself, and most of all, GROWN……



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Brenda Buck

Kendra! Thank You for Being in this wonderful journey with me!

kendra bordelon

Hi Brenda! Sister, I love all your music! I can relate to the lyrics as well, this journey is an adventure for sure and I feel myself constantly getting stronger to keep up with the constant growth.
What a wonderful place it is to be, wherever i am, if i keep my positive mental diet!

Infinite Abundance and Love to You!!!

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