MK Week 10- Reflections Within The Point of Know Return

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     In having a bit of time off with no webby this week, I have managed to accomplish many, many things. Mostly, I have sorted, repacked, and given away all of the unnecessary contents of my storage shed, which I’ve been needing to do for YEARS! Yay!! Now I’m celebrating!  🙂

     In going on a cruise down memory lane, I found these pictures that I took at Walt Disney World, last Christmas season, while one of my daughters was doing her internship there. A truly Magical time in all of our lives. A Turning Point you might say. I wanted to share them with all of you, as ya’ll ARE my Tribe, as we say here in the Masterkeys. My Alliance Family. We are all Whole. Perfect. Strong. Powerful. Loving. Harmonious, and Happy! 

      This globe reminds me of the Universal mind within us all, and our ability to travel the internet world. On one hand, this has been an extremely tough week for me. Distractions, Problems, Adversity, Spears of  Negativity, and Disappointment seemingly coming from nowhere, again. On the other hand, this shift has been balanced out by the Law of Growth, and Abundance, Strength, and Harmony are flowing freely towards me.  I find myself using the Law of Substitution many times per day, in an effort to have no negative thoughts, which have been abundant, but I have learned to ward them off, and am entering Day 5 now.  🙂

Mark J. says that this week is The Point of Know Return. Indeed, Captain, it has been…

Never do I allow myself to return to my old comfortable blue print. Oh, the timing of these lessons here are Perfect!

Through much frustration with life in general, and me losing it last Monday morning, I finally have my new website up and running smoothly. The support of the Turn Key Blog Team has been Phenomenal… in teaching me to do technological computer stuff on my own, and adding an extra opt-in in the footer for all of you to follow me here, at I really miss commenting and sharing with all of you, and  I would really appreciate your feedback. I Feel as though I’ve been separated from the crowd. I’ve been sad, I’ve yelled, cussed, cried, and although I can visualize the cone, and its different colors, I am having trouble with the solid straight black line. Hmm… a Foundational issue! Back to square one, wherever that may be in all of this!   I feel lost without our weekly webbies…. I went to look for my notes this morning, and then remembered that there weren’t any. LOL. 

      In substitution of my perceived isolation, I simply immersed myself into the lessons, and with my Christmas decorations, Created for myself an immense 3D world within my immediate environment. There has been effortless and constant linking, firing, wiring, and new neuro pathways BE-ing forged all week!


I’ve Grown and I AM now Standing Tall once again!                                                  

I love you all… and Scroll 3? I absolutely love it, too!!! 🙂

I now commence my journey unencumbered, with love in my heart, and I Persist until I succeed!



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Kurt Roy

Wow Brenda! Your blogs are awesome! The pictures and icons make it so much more interesting to read. I love it. I haven’t figured out how you do this, but I’d love to!.

    Brenda Buck

    Hey! Wow! Welcome aboard! Thank You so much! I am glad that you love them! Ha! I’m not quite sure how I figured it out, either… It’s a definite learning curve for me…. No, Wait… Persistence!! LOL. Subby takes over, and everything just starts flowing…. 🙂

Kendra Bordelon

LOL I just recalled the first time i realized i was truly chemically addicted to reading my “drills’
when i couldnt find them one morning, i totally freaked like that was the most important thing in the world and all i cared about most. I Needed to Read my Affrimations, i needed my Positive Fix! and since then, it bothered my subby to be without that information so much that i daresay i have successfully memorized about 97% of my daily readings by heart.
Just in QUESO emergency!… 🙂 <3
I love the Universal R2A2 btw…

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Yes Indeed! Those chemical addictions are Strong! I have memorized most of mine too! I Love this Universal Within…

Jenny Shear

Brenda, I absolutely love your Week 10 post!! Organizing is my passion and I could feel your joy in finding the item from Disney World. I love that you mentioned the “point of no return.” There’s a fantastic scene in Phantom of The Opera that springs to my mind. We’re giving it our all and not turning back to our former self. I’d love to mastermind with you sometime.

    Brenda Buck

    That would be Awesome! Thank You!

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