MK Week 11- Scaling The Wall


From Last Weeks’ Point of Know Return                             To this week-   It’s a Done Deal


    During last weeks Webby, I found myself mesmerized by the Beautifully created slide show of our Alliance. It is wonderful to be able to match our happy, smiling faces to our quotes. I truly look forward to meeting many of you in person, in Kauai this summer.  🙂

In reading many of your blogs today, I was brought to my knees with Tears of Joy for all of us Individual I AM’s withinin this harmonic, unified group.  There have been some outstanding insights and writings here, at the end of this week. There is a whole lot of battleshipping occurring within all of us. I have decided that I am ALL in, and I desire to help Fuel the Fire. 

As Mark J says: We are shaking things up!

      We are the salt of the Earth, therefore we must go forth as leaders, share what we now have within, and find other self directed thinkers,  for the benefit of all…



We’ve got this! WE have EARNED yet another Masterkey!

The Good Habit of Persistence! 

The Mind Infusion of the last 11 weeks has very subtly and meticulously built up our character, self confidence, and determination within, brick by brick…..

BAM! The Key to the Vault!!


In an effort to rid myself of my own BS excuses, my Determination to stretch, and push myself, brought me to this Magical place in Colorado, back in September when we had all just begun this Amazing Journey. These are my tennis shoes you see in the picture. I’ve been running ever since, scaling that wall in leaps and bounds!


   We Are In The Flow!!  


There are crazy, good, inexplicable things happening all around! This morning, after my first read, I affirmed to myself that this was going to be the best day of my life. Abundance has been constantly drawing itself towards me all day! 3 of my 4 business’ nailed it! Then, I was parked incorrectly in a fire lane earlier for just a few moments, and instead of writing me a ticket, the deputy handed me a Christmas card containing $100, and then gave me a Big Hug! Talk about paying it forward…

The one sentence DMP that I “thought” would be so difficult? Really just a huge piece of Millionaire Pie!



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Kendra Bordelon

We’re ALL IN this together!
I would Love help as many people as i can find the Masterkeys to the vault of themselves
create self directed thinkers and blast away all the cement to reveal their golden light shining
out from within.
I AM So happy to be given another BEST DAY EVER to do just that…
I Love your Blog Brenda, Its so Inspiring and empowering!
:0 <3

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You, Kendra! Inspiring, and Empowering….. Weaves right into my DMP! This MKMMA Journey is SO VERY AWESOME! Thank You for Inspiring me to BEgin… Forever Grateful for YOU! 🙂

Jonathan Davis

Brenda, it was great connecting with you tonight on the Zoom call! I can see your love and talent for writing in your wonderful blog! I love the account of the deputy giving you a gift instead of a parking ticket – the Law of Attraction at work!

    Brenda Buck

    Hi, Jonathan! Yes, it was Great connecting with ya’ll, too! Thank You for reading my Blog! I’ve always wanted to write an autobiography. I’ve kept journals upon journals over the decades… Now, we have a living autobiography, every week! 🙂 I am Thankful for what that Deputy did, every day. Humility in Motion….

Rick Barton

Love all those images. Great job and congrats on being the featured blog.

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You! I am most definitely a Visual Learner. LOL. Yay! I AM so excited, to BE a featured Blog!! It Inspired me to do better, redefine, and categorize a few things…. 🙂


WonderFull, these good happening all around! Love you post my friend. <3

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You! Life is Fantastic!

      Brenda Buck

      Testing 123… LOL.

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