MK Week 12.5- More Than a Feeling

                     My Peaceful Zone  

         Ahhhh….. Yes. Peace of Mind!       Ironically, I already decided on Friday, while struggling to write Week 12, for that to be the Title of my next post, Week 13. In spending the weekend isolated to the inside of my home for the most part, because of freezing temperatures, I felt a very Strong need TO look back. Yikes!

       I First Observed the resistance- immediately, when I began to write the last post. My thoughts were not Harmonious, and very scattered. My computer was giving me technical difficulty. My phone kept ringing. The emails rolled in. Facebook took some time. The internet signal kept dropping due to heavy usage within the household. Our cat, Potter, was getting into everything because my attention was elsewhere. (Ha! Of course, this is a naturally every day occurrence.)  It’s 25 degrees outside. I had to bring all of my plants inside, which effectively closed my back porch office, my Peaceful Zone, that I “normally” create within… I was cold, very Tired, and Angry!

At Christmas time……    


Just Breathe….  and Think! The Channel is Blocked! Wow!

I needed to regroup, yet again, and quickly, as in DO IT NOW!


I Am in charge of this Holedek, Subby!!!!!   

…. and I AM Persistent! Always have been, always will be…..  I AM the Force! I AM Powerful beyond measure, and I AM that Courageous Lion! There is NO Conformity, Rules, or Normalcy, except that which I Create from Within…    



After a good night’s sleep, the following pictures are a personal account of my weekend. Open for the world to see.

I AM Intentionally Drawing Out my Light Within, for my Purpose is to Inspire others, and help them to become the best version of themselves. Wow! Fantastic! That sentence just flowed out of my fingertips, like a Glacier, without even a thought! 🙂 Hello? 

This Master Key Experience is Phenomenal!

I have laughed. I have cried. I have been brought to my knees with humility, and gratitude. I have yelled, screamed, remembered, and cried some more. I have prayed. I have read many, many of your Blogs. I have tweaked my website, and my DMP. I have accomplished all of my goals, and services. I have rested, and I have done some serious soul searching, and I AM still right here!  JOY!  

The pain of the past is now healed. The Channel is now open again…

All these promises that we repeat to ourselves, day in and day out…. Have had a Profound effect on me. There is a definite Physical Shift Within…        I Feel it. Right here. In this Moment. My compass was telling me that it’s time to LEVERAGE all of this….

             HAHA! I LOVE IT!!!!!


After 4 solid days of submersing myself into ALL of this Wonderful Wisdom, that Mark and Davene so Graciously Impart to all of us… Focusing, and mixing in some Abundant work, rest, and a little shopping…..

I AM an Irresistible Masterpiece!!!


Hey, read your Index cards standing in front of that mirror! The Effect is Fantastic!  🙂


Success? You got it!!! 🙂 





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Kendra Bordelon

AHA! I feel you with the weather thing, its like a roller coaster, hand on! Scream if you have to, or throw your hands up in surrender, laugh uncontrollably and enjoy the ride! <3 🙂

    Brenda Buck

    Hehe! Yep! I’ve been doing all of the above this week, for sure!


I love you – thank you – I want that t-shirt!

    Brenda Buck

    I Love YOU, too! It’s great to have you back with us here! The shirt is actually a Mary Kay shirt, but as we all like “Two-fers”, I use it for both. I’ve never been known to buy myself anything, as I’ve always only been able to do for others. But now, it’s ME time…and when I saw this…. I just couldn’t resist. I can order you one if you wish. 🙂

Rick Barton

Great post, and I LOVE those pictures. Where did you get them? Peace be the journey.

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks! The Quote pictures I downloaded for free off of, they have a Wondrous assortment of thousands of pictures that anyone is free to use. The others, from my 3D reality, and the camera on my cell phone. Hehe! 🙂


Wow Brenda, so well written…I really imagine your feelings, it is so great how you could observe and then change your thoughts. I send you a lot of love for this Christmas too..

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You! I have become a really good observer, and changer of my own destiny. I’ve always wanted to write and publish, an autobiography. Here I AM, doing just that.. in living color. 🙂 I also send love to You, on this Wondrous Christmas Eve.


Wonderful post Brenda. I love it and I love your raw honesty that you bring to the surface for us all to get inspired and glean into the process with you. Irresistible Masterpiece. You ARE!!
Peace be the Journey!

    Brenda Buck

    Ha! Thanks, Deanna! I just reread it, and literally FELT every word that I wrote the other day. I am so very Grateful for the Gift of Abundant Blessings in my life…….. And I AM so very Grateful for YOU, my friend. In fact, your name is on one of my index cards. 🙂

Heather C.

You make me laugh! You make me giggle! You inspire me! Thanks for being so connected, always reading, always commenting and always encouraging!

    Brenda Buck

    Hahaha! Thank YOU, Heather! I feel the same. Oh, how I Love this Alliance! “Normal” people just don’t understand. They want to, though, so…… It is up to us to BE the Encouragers, and help them start to create that One kind of Brain Cell needed… 🙂

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