MK Week 16- The Road Less Travelled

      Courage to Kindness      


Wow! This has been an incredible week. From the highs to the lows, and back again. I’ve been really upset, breaking me to my core, and forced to stand up for myself, and then, almost immediately, on to forgiving and being kind, regardless of brevity. I know what I want to write here, however…

In the interest of being kind to myself, I really need to get a few hours of sleep. My friend is here visiting from out of town, and we have had an absolutely delightful visit, including making plans for stepping forward with our individual lives. I will update this post sometime over this weekend. Thank You in advance for your understanding. 🙂  I Love You all… 




It is a rainy Monday morning here in Texas, and I wake up to find myself changed overnight, yet again… 🙂 I have secured the much needed rest that all of me was craving. I have done a whole lot of self, and past life reflection as well. I Feel led to write about the Franklin Makeover, in the entirety of what I’ve experienced so far, just in the last 3 weeks. That will be in Week 17, which I am writing today. Early. No more procrastination around here….

I always strive for Excellency in everything that I do, and as a student who has returned back to school, I AM striving for Honors throughout this Mastermind Experience. I find myself a little upset with myself, about not being able to stay awake, and write to ya’ll a full story this week…. So I assessed and corrected. 

By some of the choices that I made, and the need to solidify Courage, I found a need to reconstruct a part of myself…. and it’s now a done deal! 

    This past week of Kindnesses has been absolutely Incredible! I ran out of room for my dots about mid week! 🙂 🙂   Just like driving these roads are, it’s simply an Incredible way to pull yourself up out of any kind of valley. I AM standing tall, and truly looking forward to the lessons that this next week will bring! 

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Kendra Bordelon

It is an HONOR to read your stories and i give you an A+++, and infinity of gold stars! Oscar Award! You are amazing…

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks! 🙂 🙂 🙂 To Infinity and Beyond!

Rip Yegerman

Beautiful Brenda! The focus you have on getting things done I applaud you for. The awareness you have of others and in yourself is a trait you must be proud of!!! I see the world opening for you to do whatever you want within it. Bless you for sharing with us and I am grateful to be on this journey with you.

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You so much, Rip! …and Thank You for reading my blog!. It is a tremendous blessing for me to share with all of you here! 🙂


Hi Brenda, Yes, it has been an awesome journey for all of us. I especially enjoy being able to relate to what you are sharing. I agree with you. We need to recognize our need to be kind to ourselves. Thank you for sharing from your heart!
I’m absolutely amazed by your talent in putting together your blog page. I still feel a bit lost when it comes to using social media and all it has to offer. It quite simply overwhelms me. I will learn it ONE piece at a time. Not there yet. How did you learn how to do it? Did you just follow the videos or did you get one on one personal help?

    Brenda Buck

    Hi, there! 🙂 Wow! Thank You for your very kind words! Haha! Social media overwhelms me, too. I spent about 10 hours yesterday, trying to figure out twitter and buffer,dividing people into their respective lists, and signing up to be an affiliate. Now I’m at a brick wall with that! LOL. One of those seven bridges on this week’s road, I guess…. On my POA card, I put “learn new computer stuff for one hour, daily.” I accomplished my website by first watching the videos, then just a little one on one advice from Marea, and the turn key blog team. But mostly, by just playing around in the appearance menu. 🙂 Thanks for visiting. reading, and commenting here.

Thomas Betsens

Brenda great post, you are persistent and i love it! You are growing every day and becoming that mountain you dreamed of! you have given yourself the permission and thats amazing!

enjoy this growth and thank you for sharing your insights!

you are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy!

greetings from belgium!

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You so much for your kind words, Thomas! As with anything else, I had to be brought to my knees so I could lift some more of this cement off of me. 🙂 Haha! Greetings from Texas!

Mary Calcagno

The most beautiful views are reserved for the courageous!

    Brenda Buck

    Absolutely, they are! I’ve gained a lot of courage this past week, and the Kindnesses… Oh my Goodness! I will be updating this post in the morning, over coffee, and some quiet time. Get ready for Week 16.5, The Seven Bridges Road. 🙂

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