MK Week 17- The Seven Bridges Road

My friend of over 20 years, knew that I was really sad last week, so she decided to drive for 4 hours to come visit me, and brought to me this gift. The Butterfly I have named Magnificence! She rides on the dash, everywhere that I go. Her residence is here, next to Jamison. and Sixhunnadolla, and they are more than Happy to have a new family member joining them. 🙂

This post, like the Seven Bridges Road, needs to be a long one, and yet here I AM,  at 3AM , kicking myself in the behind for allowing procrastination to rear its ugly head once again. I promised that I wasn’t going to do this anymore, however, the floodgates of Abundance with my work have opened up for me this past week. I’ve been working about 18 hours a day, and I am so tired that I’m not thinking clearly, so I’m going to Focus on some much needed R&R for the night.

  I am now Celebrating The Hero’s Journey, allowing myself to rescue me, living Life Intentionally, and Purposely, with Focus, Determination, and Enthusiasm. I am going to update this blog over the weekend, and then share my Journey of 1000 miles I’ve been on for these past couple of weeks, with all of you….

Good night all-  May Peace BE the Journey……


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Kendra Bordelon

Yay! A New Friend! Magnificence! I love your ideas. your creativity is wild in a brilliant way! <3

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You, Kendra! 🙂 Yes, all the friends are quite Happy!

Kay Beam

I love reading your blogs – have fallen asleep many times by 3am doing my own. This sun will come up tomorrow and tomorrow is always a new day.

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks for the encouragement, Kay. 🙂 I am so tired, and really just want to write for hours, but must sleep sometime. All these hours on this new work project has messed up my writing groove…. LOL. So, this week, I’m working on a new writing schedule…

raphaela rea

Very intriguing,! Am staying tuned to where this is leading you!!!

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks, Raphaela! I appreciate your patience. Wow! I have been lead some places this past month… 🙂

Robert Channings

Well if procrastination is ever going to creep up on you its at 3am after a 1000 mile journey. Looking forward to the full story.

    Brenda Buck

    Haha! Thanks, Robert…. after this week of straining my potential, that’s when it cried for mercy. After 7 hours of much needed sleep, I’m back!!! 🙂

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