MK Week 18- It’s Been Such A Long Time

 For those of you reading this who don’t know me personally, I’ll give you just a little background here, so that I may finally become that Mountain that I was born to be!



How, you might ask? Honesty, Open-Mindedness, Willingness, and Transcendency. How I have even managed to stay alive to bring my autobiography to fruition comes from a much Greater Power than myself, and I am so very Grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my Purpose in Life, which is to Help others’ by Inspiring them to Be the Best Version of themselves.

In reading the following story, I want everyone to please Focus on The Law of Seven’s, as I am a True Living example of just that, and I have successfully slayed my dragons!             

       I came from a long family line of alcohol addiction. I remember visiting my great Aunt and Uncle, at a very young age of 0-7,  and watching them drink and smoke themselves into oblivion, and it seemed as though they had a lot of fun doing it. These are habits I was way too young to be witnessing, let alone be a part of…..

        I started drinking whiskey at age 9, with my best friend’s older brothers. I started smoking cigarettes, and marijuana, at age 11, because it made me feel like the cool kid, always accepted, and loved by my peers. It was at this point that I started fighting with my Mom, and when she had no control over me anymore, I ended up being sent to Hawaii to live with my Father. I remember him picking me up at the airport, and saying to me ” You are here to turn over a new leaf, right?” My only response was “Yeah, a couple of them.” And, man, did I ever!!!!  I was not being allowed to be Free, to be my authentic self, here either. At age 13, I ran away from home, to the streets of Waikiki, where I had all the freedom in the world, or so I thought…. if you can imagine it, I’ve seen it, and I’ve done it. Not a good scenario at all…

      There I lived until I was 16, when I managed to secure an airline flight back to California, to meet up with my Mom, and try this life again. We drove the Journey of 1,000 miles, back to Dallas, taking our time, and camping out in the back of her van. 🙂  We became close again, for about a year, until I met my first husband, who was a junkie at the time.

       I got married the day after I turned 18, and a year later, my first daughter, Patience, was born. When she was 2 1/2, I almost died from a heroin overdose. I spent the longest 12 hours of my life slumped against that wall, unable to get up, and I decided then and there that I wasn’t going to do any more illicit drugs, and that I wanted to LIVE….  for her, for my mom, and for my future. I had no other choice but to leave the marriage. I was but 21 at the time, and I needed to grow, on a personal level.

      Then I met my second husband, and a year later my 2nd daughter Serenity, was born. I continued drinking until I was 27, when my 3rd daughter was born. I decided then that I didn’t want to drink anymore, either, and began Constructing, Reacting, and Changing. When I was 32, my Son was born. Over the next 10 years, we built a household, a successful business, and a family. When I was 40, my 2nd husband sustained a traumatic brain injury while performing his job duties as a FEMA inspector after Hurricane Katrina. I now had to go to work to support the kids. As a family, we all tried to get him the help he so desperately needed, but then, although he was legally unable to make his own decisions anymore, one day he made the decision to move out of our family home. As a result, I was left with 3 kids to finish raising on my own. Hold On! This cycle is sounding all too familiar, from when I was but 7 years old….. and this must STOP!   

From 42-50 there was some major Reconstruction, Recuperation, and now, finally, Harmony. I turned 50 this year, and 3 weeks later, began this Beautiful new Masterkey cycle.  I gave myself Permission to be Happy. and I gave myself Permission to access my power, and to go Rescue my Authentic Self.

                                                   Success! I AM 7…                                                                                                                    

In sitting still, and reflection of my past years… I have come to realize that I AM Nature’s Greatest Valuable, and Unique Miracle! I AM Extraordinary, Worthy, and Beautiful, just as I AM….

I have awoken my Personality, and I have a Will to Live Fully, in this moment… As I continue down this 7 Bridges Road that is my Life,  I am Vitalizing my DMP, and getting closer to my smart goals with every passing day! 

This is so very Exciting….  🙂        

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Kay Beam

You are definitely the seed that has withstood the elements and blossomed into a beautiful flower.

    Brenda Buck

    Awwww… Thank You, Kay! I have become a Purple Orchid! Hehe! 😉


You touched my heart. I cried for that 7 year old and I rejoice for the 50 year old. What a journey. Amazing. I am so glad you mastered the challenges of that difficult journey. You are extraordinary, beautiful and Worthy. You are a miracle. Thank you for sharing your life in that way. Sending you energy of joy, peace, harmony and love. Many Blessing to you on the continued journey of life.

Juneta’s MKE Blog

    Brenda Buck

    Thank You, Juneta! I too, have cried for my 7 year old self so many times throughout the years. When I was in my mid twenties, I led a 12 step Rapha support group for addicts, through the church that I was led to Christ in. It was incredible! Now, I am a professional Designated Driver for drunk people. LOL. I must say that I do put my past experiences to good use. Specialized Knowledge? Absolutely! Also, now that I’m in my 50th year, it’s a brand new cycle of Sevens, and I’ve got this! 🙂

raphaela rea

Raised from oblivion and ready to rescue others! This is truly a hero’s journey; after all , we can only deliver if we are truly free!! Very deeply touching. Thank you for sharing your life!!!!

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks, Raphaela! It was very hard on me to share all of this. However, my word of the week is decisiveness! 🙂 🙂 My friends and family of course, know who I really am, though, and so should all of you, as each and every one of you has become my family. 🙂 Everyone in the world needs to know that there IS hope for lost little peoples like me, and that the cycle CAN be stopped! It really all begins within our unique decisions as individuals….

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