MK Week 19- The Knowledge Within The Lamp

This has been an Absolutely Incredible week here in the Masterkeys. My virtue to                                                                educe this week has been Specialized Knowledge. I wasn’t quite sure what to look for……           

      So,  I started with googling the meaning, as my “formal education” is only of a 7th grade level, with some night schooling in a few skills as a young adult. Wow! The simple answer is right here in front of my eyes! I learned that Experience is the Key!                    

Oh, the memories, the years, and the decades of experience that I have within…. Wow!

Just Wow! 🙂 Ha! I’ve got all of this!

In a BIG, BIG kind of way…..  


I immediately began educing this part of my Greatness Within…

The result? 

I’ve found myself to be Speechless, having no words at all…. just observing, and thinking very deeply.

WHO I have always considered myself to be since that tender age of 7, is not who I really AM!   FANTASTIC!

The profound truth has now been revealed to me… 

I am really NOT a mistake… unworthy, unloved, abandoned, rejected, unimportant, all that myriad of “things”…    


I AM a new person with a new Life!!!                                                          

I AM Loving.  

I AM Persistent until I succeed.

I AM Nature’s Greatest Miracle!

I AM a Mountain, and I shall live each day as if it is my last!



Yes, indeed! This Journey is so very Amazing…..

      My DMP is continuing to come into fruition on a daily basis. I AM Growing so much, and so fast, that keeping up with myself is a Service within itself. LOL.

 Although I have managed to keep up with all of the other assignments, and I am prepared for the webby today, I am late writing this blog, scatterbrained, and my home is an absolute train wreck. One of my long time professions is Home and office cleaning and Detailing. I AM one of the Best in my area. There is NO excuse for this behavior, or anything else for that matter! Yes, I AM being hard on myself- As the Goalposts keep moving…. Yikes!  

Wait… hold on… what did you just say about multitasking Mark?  Oh, I see…. another part of me that I need to assess and correct, starting right now….

 Hahaha! This next week virtue? How very appropriate. I’ll be working on Self Control. I’m doing it now. I’ve got my lamp in hand, and in certain places, it’s very well polished…. 🙂


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Kay Beam

You are an amazing woman and appreciate that you are sharing your journey.

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You, Kay! 🙂 I absolutely love sharing my journey through life, as my Purpose is to Inspire!

Sarah Dooley

You’re amazing!!! Truly!!! You are here for a purpose and you truly inspire!!! Way to get that blog in “)

    Brenda Buck

    Ha! Thanks! I had to! I couldn’t bring myself to join in on the next webby without completing what I had already started! 🙂

      Gail Kelly

      Love your energy here and in Week 20 – you are Superwoman!

        Brenda Buck

        Oh, Thank You! We ALL are!:)

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