MK Week 20- Brilliant Minds Under Construction

Caution! Detour Ahead….

On this very long and beautiful, yet treacherous Seven Bridges Road, which so Magnificently curves, and travels through the Master Keys, the Bridge # 5 is OUT!  

The bricks of Fear, Anger, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings, and Guilt have been washed away by the floods of tears from within… and are now lying in the chasm below.

Now travelling at your own risk, you must take the Initiative to use your Skills, lest you go over the edge as well. You must also properly and quickly Execute the Fundamentals, covering EVERY detail, and really THINK, and LISTEN to your Heart’s Desire, as it knows the way. Trust your Intuition. Right here. In this Moment. DO IT NOW, and Look for the alternate way IN, so that you are able to cross the last 2 Bridges which have already secretly led to the Pyramid of Success… 

What’s that you say, Mark J.? You Desire for us to Stand Tall, BE Self-Directed Thinkers, and OWN ourselves? Alrighty then…..

With GRACE UNDER FIRE, my Inertia is omnipresent, and ALIVE with Continuous Motion…

I AM just about as wound up as YOU were on the Webby the other day!

I AM the REAL DEAL! Fiercely Loyal, Self-Respectful, and Confident!


This is my day to Excel….. and Nothing will stop me!

With every breath I take, I AM that Pure Being. I AM Spirit itself.

An Integral part of the Greater Whole.

A Powerful Channel of Service for Inspiration,  Executed Masterfully!

Through Careful and Fearless Planning, I am now using the tools to Intentionally Create my Greatest Monument!


I AM Superwoman!     Building bridges, expanding my Comfort Zones, jumping over these roadblocks and valleys one Golden brick at a time, and Manifesting Liberty, and Real Legacy.   I AM the Unique Difference!

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Wow! So beautiful. So well said. I love the giraffe. A great visual to remind us to stand tall. Thank you. Thank you.

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You! I love the giraffes, too! Thank YOU for reading! 🙂

Andrew Millar

What an inspiring post. Way to pull together so much of where we all are. Love it!

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You!!!!:) I AM having SO much FUN with this Experience! It is the Greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself, and the whole of humanity for that matter. Linking, Connecting, Giraffes for Mark J, and the Art of Inspiration! I now KNOW that I was created for this purpose! Oh, to BE a Channel, differentiating the Forms. The Greatest Gift of all! Now, this is really cool…..

Nicolette Goff

Superwoman indeed! I can just see you leaping across those chasms! Looking forward to meeting you in Kauai.

    Brenda Buck

    Yes! I am looking forward to meeting all of You as well… So exciting!

Sarah Dooley

Your ENTHUUUUSIASM and FEELING are a Powerful FORCE!!! You ARE super woman Brenda!! You’ve got this!! Go Brenda Go! Your post was so fun to read. I could imagine you looking at yourself in the mirror speaking these beautiful affirmations.

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks! I really had fun writing this! One Powerful Force to another, here…. 🙂

Terry Neraasen

Putting it all together Brenda. I love your energy and enthusiasm and your flair for expression. Good stuff.

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You! I DO absolutely LOVE creating these posts! Life is FULL of good stuff. 🙂


Brilliant!!! you are not only testifying to your super Fox Four, your previous life FUBAR and you are now soaring to the next higher level!!!

    Brenda Buck

    Haha! Thanks, Raphaela! I haven’t heard that FUBAR term lately, and You are so correct. My old blueprint fights me really hard sometimes, but I AM has had enough of the BS, and she has put her foot down. I persist. I Win!

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