MK Week 21- Welcome To The Grand Illusion

This week here in the Masterkeys, I’ve been camping out under the Bridge of Imagination…

Sitting, and quietly thinking, of the ways in which one can use the tools to traverse that crumbled Bridge #5, of FEAR….

The knowledge that I have gained, and the answers I have received have been Outstanding. I now KNOW that I AM heading in the right direction, and I AM here for the purpose of Co-Creating, differentiating, and sharing the Universal mind with all of YOU!

Inspiration is an ART, and one of my Burning Desires, straight out of my DMP…. ” Desiring to Help others by Inspiring them to become the Best version of themselves.”

Atoms, Molecules, Designs, Principles, Goals, and a whole lot of empty spaces. All appearing to be stationary, but in reality are always in constant motion. Suspended in Nothingness, growing together in Perfect Harmony.

Wait… What?           Just exactly….. WHO just observed my thoughts? 






Welcome to the Grand Illusion, Come on in and see what’s happening….

Are these new neuro pathways, trees. limbs, or simply STYX?

Hmmm… brings to mind another one of my favorite artists’ and several of their songs…. 


In the stillness and silence, I decided to just close my eyes, and really FEEL with my hands, and my mind…..

I was led to FOCUS intently on my fingertips, and blindly place them in 5 random pages of this 4″ thick,  21 Week Master Key binder that I have so masterfully created, and have so learned to Cherish. 

It has become a very Good Habit, and like Sixhunnadolla, and my best friend on Thursdays, is always right here with me. 

JUST WOW! I AM simply Astounded at the Growth of Nature Within!  

I AM a Channel of the Source!

I HAVE become the Light! 

MK Week 7- Illumination


My fingertips marked the following 5 places….  JUST WOW, again! I am Speechless, again…

  1. Week 3- The DMP Rewrites…  “Accuracy in Building words and Sentences is the Highest form of Architecture                                                           in Civilization, and is a passport to Success.”
  2. Week 6- Rearranging the furniture, Movie Posters, and Nerve Endings. IT’S HAMMERTIME!
  3. Week 7- Haha! Mark and Davene are setting us up again….  This time with our best friend!
  4. Week 11- Our One sentence DMP. My Guide says I Nailed this one the first time, and I AM Golden….
  5.  Week 16- Throwing Curveballs at Subby! LOL. Yes, Indeed. I have become very good at this one!                                                                                        

The thrill of Discovery has definitely moved Within, and I have NO desire to live an ordinary life any longer. I AM as FREE as a cascading waterfall.


Our perceptions!    Is this a baby Giraffe, or is it just circles, ovals, cones, atoms, and molecules- with a whole lot of empty spaces?  



With so much Enthusiasm, I have become powerful in transmitting energies, Manifesting, and snowballing the Co-creation. Dozens of people that I personally know have been touched by my presence, and are wanting what I have, and are asking for me to help, and “mentor” them into a Happier Life.  This immediately comes to my mind…    21:22  “All people will have to take their place on one side or the other. They will have to go forward, or go back…   There is no standing still in a world where all is in motion.”

      I  applied a specific set of 5 tools- Fear, Anger, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings, and Guilt, and discovered the treasure within my stumbling blocks, which I in turn used to rebuild this….  

My Bridge #5.  

On the other side is my Miraculous castle, which I am faithfully building one large Brick at a time……….






Masterminds Think BIG Thoughts! 

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One with Source. AbSOULutly!!

    Brenda Buck


Susan Achziger

Yes, Brenda, EVERYTHING is in motion–either growing or diminishing. Powerful knowledge.

    Brenda Buck

    Yes. Specialized Knowledge, Indeed. 🙂

Juneta Key

Beautiful, inspiring post, so insightful. Thank you for sharing.
JOY TO You! Juneta’s MKE Blog

    Brenda Buck

    Thank You, Juneta! My mind is definitely on Overdrive…. 🙂

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