MK Week 22- Tools for Inner Landscape Expansion

 Oh, how I LOVE this Tool Shed, and utilizing the tools Within…

 I see Blue Rectangles….

…. and Green Triangles! 🙂


and all of these Artists’ Beauties!  🙂




LIBERTY       and       LEGACY

WOW! I see Imagination has been ingrained into my Subby. Fantastic! I say….Bring on the Spring, my favorite season, as it is the time for pruning, weeding, regeneration, thriving, and blooming! …. and Intricately so…. 


                      WAIT… What is this, yet another Bridge?

Oh, Yes Indeed… and this one leads to my Garden Gate!  The last couple of weeks here have been mine in which to Excel… I found one of my Masterkeys, unlocked the door to my Toolshed, and Created a Magnificent Masterpiece to Share with the World! 

This Creation is very Tiresome, yet Easy, and I am now Triumphant.

My Gift is The Art of Inspiration, My favorite color is Purple, and I Love to Paint with my Words….

Herein are the required tools that I use for my Grist, and Striving for Excellence in everything that I do…… 

  • Fear-  for Energy, Intense Focus on my DMP, and Alertness.
  • Anger- an Excellent power tool for Productivity!
  • Hurt Feelings- A Passion for Demand of What I AM really Wants.
  • Unworthiness- for pruning away everything that is NOT mine, and Expansion of my Comfort Zone! 🙂
  • Guilt- for Honesty, and the Power to make Amends. Also great for keeping my inner compass on point, and the motivation to just get the chosen service done, as I know What I need to do……

Which brings me to the assignment for this next week…. The Regeneration of the Spirit Within! How very Exciting! I AM truly looking forward to the Silence, and I have gathered, polished, and stored in my tool shed, my arsenal of Weapons (Love, Appreciation, Gratitude, and Persistence),  for use in this next submersion.  

I’ll see ya’ll on the Flipside when I Return…  

Oh, and Mark J.?  Since Silence for 24 hours+ is a requirement, I’ll be Happily munching on these leaves….                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hahaha! I LOVE this….



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Najet Boulafdal

I love your vibrant blogs, Brenda. Always an inspiration <3
Let spring begin!

    Brenda Buck

    Thank You, Najet! 🙂


Beautiful post. Somehow in changing the thinking to Tool Box and Arsenal of Weapon’s it triggered enlightenment and an Ah-Ha moment for me too. My favorite color has always been purple too. I love the way you blog looks. As my friend Ellen Miller say “I live an inspired life.” Thank you for sharing the beauty of your journey with us.

JOY TO You! Juneta’s MKE Blog

    Brenda Buck

    Awww… Thank You, Juneta! Ha! Purple is the Bomb…. Respect, Royalty, etc…. My Inspired life is my Gift to ALL of YOU… 🙂


Wonderful post Brenda. I really like all the connections you made with the tools. It seems so clear now compared to months ago before we started this MKMMA journey. Have a blast in your silence! Mine is shortly too.

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You so much, Natalie! 🙂 In my DMP, I have 2 homes, one in the Mountains, and one on the Beach, with Intricately Landscaped Yards, which Showcase my Passions…. ALL of this is coming together so very well, and Manifesting in a BIG kind of way! The Improvement and Growth in ALL of us simply Amazes me! Ha! The Silence Awaits…. Hugs to YOU!

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