MK Week 22A- The Silent Spirit Within

This week we were asked to do something Absolutely Incredible for ourselves…… An Extended period of Silence, and Sitting.

This masterfully carved wooden seat is a Beautiful reflection of Nature. 

Look closely, concentrate, and really Focus, and you will see what I see.  There are many parts of the whole creation… I see the United States- Texas, California, The Pacific Northwest, The Desert Southwest, and The Northeast. There are snow covered mountains, deserts, beaches, a huge crack in the cement right down the middle, and a Heart for Unconditional LOVE. 


 As I Journeyed into the Silence of many hours, something Within me Profoundly changed. I realize that I AM not the same person that I was 6 months ago, at all, and I AM Joyous!               My cement has cracked, and huge chunks have fallen to the ground….

I AM as Golden as this Sunset, and my Mind, like this tree, watches over and protects my natural Body, as the Great I AM is my Soul. My Heart. The Formless substance taking Form. 

Ever increasing the Inflow and Distribution of Vital Energy. 


I’ve experienced the pure pleasure of Legacy, one of my PPN’s, twice this week….

On Tuesday, my youngest daughter, who is 23, called me and asked if I was ready to be Grandma again. Wait! What?! Controlling my Emotions, as we are learning to do this month, just got real interesting! 🙂 I cried tears of Joy, and then became speechless for a few. OH, Yes! Of course I AM…     It has been 9 years since the first grandbaby was born. 🙂 Wow! A perfectly created baby Jessie. At a 10% chance of ever conceiving, THIS Beautiful, tiny Soul is a Miracle! Yet Another One of Nature’s Greatest Miracles, conceived in LOVE, and brought forth with the purpose of Growing into a Mountain.     Fantastic!!!

Then today, my 28 year old daughter, had some surgery done and I Gratefully and Excitedly stepped into my Mom’s shoes of being the caregiver. This brought back such Wonderful, Vivid memories for me, as my Mom passed on from this world 7 years ago, and while she was still alive, every time one of my siblings and I were having babies or surgeries, she was right there to help us in whatever way was needed. RIP Grannie Jo… the circle is now complete. You always wanted me to have your Spirit, and HERE I AM, bridging the gap between generations.

        In my silences, and reflections, I have allowed myself to Just be Free, and BE who I was Created to BE.

       I Relax, Breathe Deeply, Listen, and Feel. I open my Eyes, look down at my hands, and I Discover that these two Hands are not my hands. Thought controls what they write, and what they Create. 

                                                        They belong to the Creator, for His ultimate Divine Purpose. 





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Brilliant shining Light that you are…Of course! Happy, Joyful and Free to be! Loved your post and love that beautiful and natural chair.

Sarah Dooley

Gorgeous post! Your energy & zest is radiant. Love how you connected the Ppns and that silhouette. Congrats

    Brenda Buck

    Awww.. Thanks, Sarah! 🙂 I love this silhouette. Looking at it just makes me feel Good! Alive! Worthy! These hands were designed for creating and writing HIS Masterpieces.

Rick Barton

Congratulations on being in the NOW with your daughter and granddaughter. Beautiful seat and terrific insights. Thanks for sharing.

    Brenda Buck

    Thank You, Pops!The insights that I have gained through this Journey are absolutely Phenomenal… 🙂


Congrats on the new addition. Great post as always.
JOY TO You! Juneta’s MKE Blog

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks, Juneta! I’m so excited!

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