MK Week 23- The Regeneration Factor

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been struggling with this…….

Melting, Falling apart, and Missing Pieces of My Self….

Yesterday was the Icing on the cake. On the construction project I am working on here in my community, I tripped over a piece of cut metal framework, and took a nasty fall against the concrete floor. At the time, it was either my head, or my left knee, and wrist. In that split second that I realized the Fall was imminent, I suddenly thought…  “Well, I need my brains”, so the wrist took the gravitational force of 170#’s. I popped the main blood vessel, and dislocated my thumb. One of the other workers helped me to get back up off the floor, and made sure I could still stand, and walk. I made it to the first aid station and immediately wrapped my wrist with sports tape. With Persistence, and in a lot of pain, I then attempted to finish what I was doing. Hmm… I observe that I cannot sweep, mop, or pick anything up. Time to call it a day, go buy a wrist brace, and go home to rest. Ha! Not so much….

It being a Saturday night of St. Patty’s day weekend, and the end of Spring Break, in a lake community, where there are 9 bars all within 5 miles of each other, switching roles with my careers took over full force. I thought, “Well, surely I can still drive….” 

Through attempting this driving, I observed, and learned something new about myself….. 

My whole life, society has taught me that I am right-handed. However, my dominant hand is definitely the left.      

I drive left handed, I use the phone left handed. I carry things left handed. I stabilize myself left handed, I open doors left handed, and I turn pages in my MK Binder left handed as well. Hmmm… this gets me to Thinking…

Way back in the beginning, when we were asked to use our non dominant hand to write down, and find our PPN’s, the physical writing was not the usual scribble scrabble chaos of the right.

It was Clear, Concise, and Perfect! 

I remember that fact astounding me at the time, and now 6 months later….. I have Grown to learn that My…Authentic Self SO HAS this!

The Connection? Outstanding!!!!! The Links, the Pathways, and the Wonder of it all…..

Just Wow!!! As I mentioned in the last couple of posts, these hands belong to the Master….  Always, and Forever Expanding, Creating and Molding the formless substance into Form. BAM!!! 


For me, this was just the beginning of an Extraordinary Journey into the Unknown, and then back again. I’ve almost made it full circle, and I can see the light above in this dark Abyss I’m floating around in.

I’m swimming up now, with all my Strength, and Vitality. To Emerge Victorious, and Noble. I have became a change Agent with a Happy Knack! Ha! Now, this Factor is really quite Awesome, indeed!

Red Circles mean that I AM Unstoppable, Safe, and Free from Fear! 

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Always, and Forever Expanding, Creating and Molding the formless substance into Form. BAM!!!

Red Circles mean that I AM Unstoppable, Safe, and Free from Fear!

I love your blog my friend. I love your energy, your perspective and I love you!! inspiring!

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You, my Divine friend! 🙂 I seriously Love You too!

Rick Barton

Isn’t it amazing how we can suddenly discover a truth about ourselves through one incident? I am so sorry for your pain, but happy for your outlook. You are indeed a champion. You are limitless. You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

    Brenda Buck

    Yes, it is absolutely Amazing. 🙂 Thanks, Pops!

Andrew Millar

Ouch! Get better. Way to find the learning in the challenge. There is a majesty in this completion, is there not?

    Brenda Buck

    Haha! Yes, indeed! There is Majesty everywhere. I’m doing much better this morning! Still sore, and bruised. However, I AM Limitless. One more day… 🙂

Kay Beam

So sorry for your fall. Amazing that we stumble onto answers in the oddest ways and sometimes it hurts.

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks! You know, I’ve never broken, dislocated, or even sprained any part of my physical self. It’s quite odd doing things opposite of “normal”. However, the learning, and the knowledge my mind is gaining by the hour here is priceless! Everything just is what it is. Through the power of my thoughts, I am on the mend, and healing myself. 🙂


Holy Smokes Brenda. I love the outlook and your perspective. You changed the way you look at things and those things have changed for you. BRAVO!!!!
You have come so far in such a short period of time I am honored and blessed to have been with you on your journey.

    Brenda Buck

    Ha! Thank You, Paul! As my guide, your words really mean a lot to me. You told me months ago, that without that self limitation, that I AM Golden. I took that to Heart, and the wheel rolled forward. 🙂 I AM honored, and tremendously blessed, too.

Josette Millar

So sorry about the fall and hurt. Happy to hear about your awareness! It reminded me about my own experience early February. I was coming out of our lawyer’s office after having sold my little house (that I had for over 21 years). And then, I fell… I just fell on my hands and hurt my fingers pretty badly. But I got an awareness too… later that day… I was holding onto that little house and had never dared to sell it (despite the fact that I wanted to do so) because it was safe. And then, I sold it and I fell just then. The house I let go was part of letting go of the old blue print. But somewhere it was associated with the belief that I wouldn’t make it… I was going to fall. I realized it, cried, put band-aids on my wounds and moved on. I knew it was just a symbolism and I was free.

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks, Josette. I am icing it down again, now. so I can brace it back up, and move on. 🙂 Hmmm… I have 2 little houses for sale….

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