MK Week 24-Transcending The Noise

                               The last couple of weeks here in the Masterkeys has just been one Obstacle after another! 

What did you say Mark J.? We eat those obstacles for breakfast?  HaHa! Alrighty then, that sounds scrumptious, and I’m sure that we are all hungry for more knowledge at this particular mile marker.  

This is the last chapter? NO! Please say it isn’t so….

 Hmmm…. somehow I need to finish harmonizing this chaos! Ha! A helping hand, or leg or two would be just great!                                                        C’mon- BE of Service to a fellow traveller, would you, Please?


Ah, Yes! Thank You for being such a wonderful, Loving caretaker of the Law of Environment, and using your gifts to restore Vitality to the world. Thank You also for facilitating the environment in which we have learned that we are our own teachers, as well as our own students, and that by becoming the observers, we can create our own different realities in not only tough, but ALL situations.

Whew! I wasn’t sure that I would ever resurface, but I have, and quite triumphantly! I’ve been floating around in the abyss, and stuck in this hole for quite a while.  My legs are tired from treading water for so many years, and my hand is injured, however, I have recently discovered that indeed, I AM Honored, Treasured, and Safe!

Enough so, that a Divine Spark within has now been regenerated, and I now understand the privilege of Owning Myself.

It is Pure Magic now that I am Free again!      

With Tenacity, I AM growing into my gifts, more and more each day, and empowering others along the way! 

I’ve observed lately that my presence alone creates and affects change, and I have learned to transcend the noise of society and other peoples opinions, and just BE true to myself, pursuing MY Bliss, and faithfully growing into the Intricately Designed. majestic Purple Orchid that I AM.


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What a beatiful journey.
JOY TO You! Juneta’s MKE Blog

    Brenda Buck

    Yes, Absolutely Beautiful.. 🙂


Bravo and congratulations on finishing strong my friend. This is just the beginning of the continuum of creating a life by design. YOUR design. So happy to have shared the journey with you and I look with joy to much more. Love and light to your hand. Nothing can stop you now! Much love and more.

    Brenda Buck

    Yes! Life by MY Design! I LOVE IT! Your support and encouragement have been KEY the whole time! Amazingly, as I posted in Insights and Epiphanies earlier, after some very lucid dreaming in the early am hours of this morning, my hand is much, much better today!
    Thank You for BEING YOU!!! 🙂 It’s time to Rock this World!

Kay Beam

Love the pot hole image! How we get over whelmed with those. You are truly one of God’s miracles.

    Brenda Buck

    Haha! Yeah… I just couldn’t resist this giraffe….. 🙂 Thank You so much for your kindness. We are ALL God’s miracles…

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