MK Week 27- Learning to Master the Environmental Changes Within

The last 3 months here in the Masterkeys have been nothing short of eye opening and life changing for me. In seeking Guidance, I have found the light within, which is showing me the way out.  The Lost Chapters so thoroughly explain the 7 year cycles of Life itself, and the organization and purposes of our glands and nerves in our Spirit’s physical manifestation. We really are Nature’s Greatest Miracle!

While studying our lessons this month, I remember several instances of my Mom trying to explain this Spirituality to me as I was growing up. She was a naturalist, and a Horticulturist, my Father is a Geologist, my eldest sister an Archeologist, and my middle sister, a Biologist.

My brother and I?  Well… we are who we are…. and that’s another blog altogether.

My father transferred himself to Hawaii for his career when I was 7 years old, and my childhood and adolescent years were full of feelings of abandonment, sadness, rejection, and then rage. I became very rebellious and chose not to listen… to anyone. About anything. Geez…. Had I only known then, what I know now.  

The scientific facts have always been all around me. It is Who I AM. It is Who we all are…..

I am now in my 50th year, and ready for the Growth within this new period of  Sevens. I’ve learned to let go of the past, and am learning to allow the construction and building to begin again. Throughout this Amazing Journey, I have allowed myself to be transformed by the minds of my mentors. Slowly, but surely, the light is getting bigger, and brighter. I have learned to be Still, and Quiet, and really Listen to my heart’s desire.


This new period of Infancy is bringing about so much change, so quickly, that sometimes I feel really overwhelmed. I slip, I slide, I think, and then I get myself back on track.

Just exactly where have I been all these years gone by?     Yep. Lost in pleasing others, and lost within myself…

However, I AM now FREE to Be whatever I will to Be. My mind is steadily Creating, and Growing, even while I sleep.  I AM excitedly dreaming again!  Sometimes when I awake, my first thought is where in the heck did that thought just come from, and then the lesson applied, and now ingrained in my subconscious mind,  kicks in and suddenly, It’s all Good…. Very Interesting!

In learning to relate the Spiritual realm to the Physical realm, and learning about the Perfectly regulated connection between the mind, the organs and the nerves, I find that the final three chapters have really sparked my interest…

In 2009, I was 43, just beginning the 7 year period of reconstruction, adjustment, and recuperation. In this same year, I was diagnosed with Primary Adrenal Insufficiency (otherwise labeled Addison’s disease), which is a very rare, and constant life threatening situation, which I must take daily replacement Cortisol for, to keep the operation of the Sympathetic nervous system regulated. The same year, I underwent a complete hysterectomy, and a complicated hernia surgery, which resulted in my Lateral Cutaneous nerve being severed in two. Nerves are pathways, and when severed, they Grow towards each other, in an attempt to reconnect their severed ends.  

A year ago, I still believed that I was limited by these two obstacles, now I consider them to be just minor glitches in an otherwise Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Healthy, Loving, Harmonious, Happy, and predominantly Physical Entity that I AM. 


  Until next time, Peace and Abundance!

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