MK Week 28- The Matter of Degrees

Here we Are! In the final Chapter of the Masterkeys. We made it! Ya-hoooo!!! 

During the final Continuation Webinar today, as I was Intently Focusing on every word Mark J. was speaking to us, I felt a very familiar, yet quiet nudge, which became stronger and stronger.

A sudden urge to bring Everything Full circle, and to DO IT NOW!

I Observed. I stayed Silent. I Listened Intently, and I always take Notes.  Out of these Notes comes my Soul’s Music, and the Song of my Heart. These Beautiful Symphonies that my words so often Express….. 

I suddenly think of all my journal’s that I’ve written throughout the years, which are to be compiled into my autobiography. I can Feel the compass steadily and consistently pointing in a Westward direction. The time is very near. 

I laughed out loud with Joyous Chimes, many times….

and then I cried……

My tears of resolution are as a soft, gentle rain, matching the calming Drum Beat of the real rain on the window outside of my home office.

I’ve made it!   ….and I now hold, within Myself, the Master Key! 

I close my eyes, and meet with my secret council…. and as I listen to Mark J reading to us, The Invitation,   I quite suddenly, and effortlessly it seems, experience pure weightlessness.

I AM surrounded by Peace, which surpasses all human understanding.

For the first time in decades, My Mind is Focused and Enthusiastically Determined to finally Live my Purpose. 

I now know Who I AM, What my Purpose is, What I Want, and WHY….   

The real life application, and the skills that I have learned over the last year are Phenomenal,  just as I AM….

       For myself, with formally having only a 7th grade education, The only difference is a matter of degree…. 🙂

                                                                                                  Game On!


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Cheryl Hillskemper

Game On, Girlfriend!
I read this post a full 13 months after you wrote it, and I am in awe at how far you have come on your journey. To watch you, to follow you, is an inspiration.
I look at the picture of the pond in the background on this page an know; that is your backyard!!! Your genuine, real backyard! I have been there and I have seen it!
You made it happen!
I can’t wait to see what the 2018-2019 session has in store for us as we continue our journey as guides.
Peace and abundance, my friend.

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