MK Week 5-The Ripple Effect

balloons-1761634_1920 Ahhh, Yes! Here we are, rippling to no logical end, with all these Gorgeous Colors…….

 Sit still, Close your eyes, Breathe in, and really FEEL each of these colors with your Mind, and what they really mean to You! Color is created Within, and WE are the artists and creators of our OWN Abundant lives! 

This week, here in the Masterkeys, we were asked to take it up a notch, and give it 100%. I am so grateful that I made the decision to do just that! It really has been a totally Vibrant week….

My old skin has turned to dust, And I will never be the same again…..

We were asked to notice the colors everywhere we go. What an astounding way to look at life!  While working, which is play in my world 🙂 , or running errands, or doing chores, or being of Service to others, or studying, or just about anything else we can imagine. Ha! What fun! 🙂

I’ve been struggling for the last 2 weeks, linking my red and yellow to anything, as they are my least favorite hues. In sitting, at numerous red traffic lights… feeling impatient, but also knowing that Nature never acts in haste, I discovered my use for this red, in all that we are learning here.                                                                         I AM UNSTOPPABLE! 🙂 

The Yellow? Really? I have an opinion about this! Blech! Oh, wait… No opinions? My bad! Hehehe…

First and Foremost….  I am in charge of this Holodek!!!!   So….. Speaking of colors, Here I AM… Transparent, for the benefit of all.. I was born a great White Light, with a partial touch of Blue Sky.. Introverted, quiet, peaceful, and caring….. I am Royalty, and my Favorite color would be… Purple! 🙂

In doing my mental housekeeping everyday, I created this for myself. I want to share with You…                                                                             beach-927935_1280

White is the Universal

Blue is Success

Red is Unstoppable

Green is the Flow 

Yellow is the Sunshine,   from Sunrise to Sunset   🙂

Purple is Affluence



I am a Wonderful Spirit with Unique Gifts to Share with the World! My task is to Impress the “Subby”,  to See the Invisible, effortlessly. Like this majestic Turtle, blissfully adventuring in the ocean ripples…. I am going on a grand adventure, for what is success, other than a State of Mind?

I now commence my Journey, Unencumbered, with either the weight of unnecessary knowledge, or the handicap of meaningless experience….

Until next time, really FEEL Your colors! Be Self Directed! Lighten Up! 🙂 🙂