MK Week 8- Spectacular Imaginations


     This week here in the Masterkeys, there have been Oh, so many different forks in the road….  Work, Stress, Lack of sleep, a fender bender, an overnight hospital visit, mechanical problems, technical difficulties of every kind imaginable, impatience, and negativity by others’ seeming to come out of left AND right fields….           


Whew!  I close my eyes, and breathe deeply within…. calling forth the Strongest and Best Energies of my whole Being. I DEMAND Inner Peace, and CHOOSE my responses Diligently……….  so that “Subby” has NO CHOICE but to realize that I AM is the boss around here! In at least 7 different ways, all day long. Even in my dreams at night……….  Being the Observer is absolutely Priceless!

I am Grateful to BE 100% Present, and in the moment, everyday!  Like this beautiful little sprout…  


Ahhhhh….. Much better!    🙂  🙂

Mark J. says that our group is Electrifyingly Spectacular! 🙂  Well, Thank You!  I must agree….              

I am Focused on Building that Stairway, to that Bridge of Enthusiasm, through my Imagination.. One small, Consistent, step at a time. Haha! I can sense that some of my friends think that I’ve lost my mind, as I talk to myself, as well as inanimate objects (in their opinions).  But, you know what?Sixhunnadolla, Jamison, the Beautiful Tahoe that I drive, my Dreamboards, and my 3D Chandalier are Real, and ALIVE, no matter what anyone else feels! I have learned to not either be around, or accept any negativity!  I truly AM the Watchman at the gate! Constructive thought IS all there is!       I have become very quiet, and remain calm, and my friends no longer understand who I am. It’s all good, though, because I am now beginning to have something they only wish they had, and I know I have Ya’ll, my beloved Mastermind Alliances. 🙂 Let’s Do this, together, NOW!!

I always strive for excellency, in everything that I do, and I have seriously just Stunned myself!!

Through the precision of my thoughts, and ideals, I am nurturing this seed which was planted 8 weeks ago, and seeing everything through the same, yet profoundly different eyes. I feel the rich soil, warm and moist, surrounding my roots. I have a Strong stem, and have just sprouted the first layer of leaves. The sun shines on me brightly, constantly strengthening my stem, so that I may Grow tall, and stand firm with Living Force. 

I have revised my DMP, yet again, and everything is immensely, and perfectly flowing. I AM that elegant work of art!


Hehe! Until next time, I’ll be busy recording, learning, excercising, and Stretching….



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Kendra Bordelon

The Infinite Power is so Inspiring it has seemed to sweep me right into my future self and now the dreams are quicky becoming more reality than the world i used to beleive was fixed.
If i could do anything important with my time here it would be to let as many souls go free in their own mind as i can.
My subby has been learning that the gal and the glass and “i’ desire simplicity and if ever it is lost and tries to run to the old familiar responses of negitivity i do what i do best, Flip it! As within so without, i think ive gotten pretty good at that. 🙂 <3

    Brenda Buck

    Yes! Absolutely! Word for Word. Just Flip it! I’ve become really good at that, too! 🙂


You are that elegant work of Art indeed! Love you my friend.

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You! I learned from the best! 😉

Mary Calcagno

Brenda, I enjoyed your music on your blog! “I always strive for excellency, in everything that I do, and I have seriously just Stunned myself!!” How powerful you must be feeling! I hope you did your happy dance with this realization! Keep up the great work!

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks, Mary! Indeed, I am Powerful beyond measure….


I applaud your strength to stand strong this week in the face of “growth opportunities”! What a feeling of celebration you must be experiencing! I can sense your strength and reaolution growing. Amazing job!


    Yes, I am getting stronger by the day! Thank You! This is quite the Amazing Journey! 🙂


I love you’re energy and enthoussiasm!! Yes you are in control and getting better!

I wish you lots of love!

    Brenda Buck

    Haha! Thanks! I get that from watching Mark J’s videos! 😉 I am in charge of this holodek! Lots of love right back to you!


Great blog Brenda!! I enjoyed it immensely.

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, thank You! I’m really glad! 🙂


i loved reading your blog. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks

    Brenda Buck

    Thank You!

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