MK Week 9- Taking It To The Limit

busan-night-scene-1747130_1280            san-rafael-bridge-1634877_640

       Oh, Yes! I absolutely Love any kind of Bridges!  Whether they be man-made or natural, the Architecture required to hold something of this caliber continues to astound me. These remind me of Mark J. telling us to start our engines….   Wait! What??? I did that weeks ago! 

       This week, we learned about the CC, the bundle of nerves which constitutes the Brain Highway. The Mechanism is Perfect, as it was created by the Master Architect, who does ALL things well, and I am the cherished Benefactor! How Cool is that?!!  🙂    Everything is simply Off the Charts in my Life! I can honestly say that I AM is effortlessly engaged, and cruising along the Edge! The information is travelling at light speed between the two hemispheres.     I am ALIVE, and Feel myself constantly transferring information. I AM my Future Me! This is Fantastic!          

     My light is shining so Bright that “normal” people,  just can’t comprehend. I experience pure Joy in knowing that, in such a short period of “time”, that I have Inspired so many people, which is my main Purpose!  I’ve shone so brightly recently that everyone sees it, and mentions it, and they Want what I now have, so I chose to secure for myself a hosted blog. Amid the other challenges of this week, with my Diet, and Thanksgiving memories, setting it all up was really quite the learning challenge for me, and required the assistance of the TKBTeam, for whom I am very Grateful. I now know how to run this mechanism that I am writing to all of you on, and it is getting more effortless by the day! Not unlike my cement buddha, and my DMP in the beginning, my website still needs some fine tuning in certain areas, in order for it to be Golden as well.   Ha! I’m sure that Subby will work on that a bit over the course of this next week. 🙂

       I find myself turning toward my Mastermind Group here more and more, as my circle continues to refine itself, to serve only Positivity, Truth, Justice, and Manifesting my DMP. I AM is the Captain of this ship, and I AM is building, and charting the course to her own Destiny. Building Bridges with Focus, Love, and Determination!  My hands are on the wheel, and I am steadily steering toward the horizon of my DMP. I can Visualize every exact detail, and I Feel it running through every Fiber of my Being. I am Living every day, all day, and all night  long, in the realm of my shapes, colors, Feelings, dreams, goals, choices, linking, combinations, permutations, and now this Super Highway! 🙂 Vroom! Vroom!                      I Love the Visualization, Vitality, and Growth!  S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!!!

      One of my favorite things to do is Drive, and listen to loud music… So, when the radio is playing commercials, which in my opinion (hehe), are just unnecessary noise and information, like the TV…..   I choose instead to utilize the Law of Substitution, and listen to my Recorded DMP. WOW! The effects of this new habit are simply Amazing!

     “Subby” is working overtime, acting in Mysterious ways, that are beyond comprehension. The processing is definitely Omnipresent, and Powerful beyond measure…. My dreams have become Vivid, and very Real. The last two nights, I have awoken to myself dreaming of being in the middle of typing a complimentary, positive response to the same MKMMA member, discussing her future home of next year. 🙂  Hmmm… Holding the Greater good above my own Ambitions is absolutely Priceless!  I love you all….

                              I AM…..    Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy!