MKE Week 1- Breaking Free From My Shell


What Do You want? What are you looking for? They asked this of me over and over again, until my shell cracked open, and I could finally see the Golden child Within. Then they taught me how to Fly. I had to find myself again. Young, Unique, Wild, FREE, Curious, Cool, and Crazy!

  Noone else could do this for me, it is a Journey that I had to go alone. Here I AM..  Alive, Well, and ready to tell the stories, over and over again, so that others’ may find their way.



Today is the first day of October, signaling my 2nd favorite season of the year.

We are starting Week 2 of the Masterkeys. Universal timing is Always Perfect!

I say…… again, all throughout the past year….

I’ve learned so much about Truth , and I’ve learned so much about LIFE!

I’ve learned HOW to Master Change, and ask for and gratefully receive What I want and need!  

I’ve learned How to draw firm boundary lines in the sand, and I’ve learned HOW to stick to them! By and For myself, as well as others. 

I’ve learned to fervently Defend what I Believe in, regardless of Sacrifice. 

I’ve learned to actually BE-  


MOST OF ALL, I’ve learned the WHY!

Although My beautiful shell burdens me no more, it has a very special, cherished place within my heart, as it has always faithfully protected me from harm, throughout the numerous bad decisions that are a very distinct part of WHO, WHAT, and WHY I AM. The LEGACY it holds within is indescribably, and wonderfully ME. 



I FOUND my Voice, and I now have the LIBERTY to GROW, and EXPAND!!!  


                     LIMITLESS, BOUNDLESS, AND FREE!




Peace and Abundance,


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Darren Neilson

Wow Brenda, Awesome beginnings, Darren

    Brenda Buck

    Haha! Thanks, Darren! This is such an Awesome way to live life!


LOVE YOU!! Awesome blog. Happy and free..whee!!

    Brenda Buck

    Thank You, my friend! I Love YOU, too, and I AM Forever Grateful for your craziness that brought me to the MasterKeys. 🙂
    Whee is Right. What an Incredible ride…..

kendra bordelon

What a beautiful soul you are, so happy you are free and happy. You truly inspire me.


    You as well, Kendra! Thank You for Inspiring me a little over a year ago. I AM forever Grateful. 🙂


I was just thinking this the other day, that you had found your voice! Beauty day to you Brenda <3

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks, Edina! You, too! My DMP is in full forward motion here. 🙂

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