MKE Week 2- The Seasonal Changes Within

These are my tennis shoes, and this is Colorado, in Sept. 2016, at my semi annual family reunion, just before I started this exhilarating journey through the Masterkeys. Seeing this picture is suddenly flooding my mind with all the thoughts that I had while SITTING on that rock that fateful day, pondering the many complexities of Life. It was the beginning of Fall, a gorgeous day,  just like it is today, a year later, back home here in SE Texas. 

I remember being so excited that I had just been awarded a scholarship, and knew that I was soon to an embark on an incredible Journey. Little did I know at that time, what an Incredible Life Changing Experience that it really was to BE! Wow! 

I returned home, and dug in, with everything that I had… determined to make better decisions in my life, Grow, and find my Purpose!

Fast forward a year, and here I AM! Fulfilling that very well-refined Purpose. My DMP, in a nutshell, is as follows…

I AM an Eager, Grounded, Enthusiastic million $ entrepreneur, earning over 20K month income, Freely living in a passionately designed family compound, sharing Hope, Joy, and Affluence- and DESIRING TO HELP OTHERS BY INSPIRING THEM TO BECOME THE VERY BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES!

                                          BAM! Just like that, Effortlessly, this is WHO, WHAT, and WHY I AM!


                             Now that another MKE season is upon us, it’s GAME ON, in a very Real kind of way…. 

I’ve created for myself, the LIBERTY to embark on my next journey- 

Road tripping to North Carolina to go wait for my first Grandson to be born!  So very exciting!  

And I just KNOW that the Fall foliage is going to be Awe-Inspiring!  Stay Tuned….

Peace and Abundance,



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Darren Neilson

Hey Brenda, It is SOO Awesome to see your dreams coming true, You are and inspiration for me to Keep digging in. The last times in ME I would just roll over and return to the default BS. Thxz , You Rock!!! 8=) Darren PS I love the view you posted and those shoes LOL…

    Brenda Buck

    BAM! Thanks, Darren! 🙂

Jenny Shear

I love this!! Beautiful and inspiring. I can feel the warmth of our hugs in Kauai in May.
I’d like to mastermind with you on Marco Polo, let me know if you have a slot of time. Love,

    Brenda Buck

    Awww.. Thank You, Jenny! Warm Hugs are the Best! 🙂

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