MKE Week 29+ Preparing To Fly

Oh, the places we shall go!   🙂

From the desert foothills, beaches, and valleys, to the mountaintops, and clouds…

We are ALL Limitless, Boundless, and FREE!

Don’t you see?
After proudly graduating the MKMMA class of 2016,  then Continuing on to become a Lifetime member, and attending the Kauai Live Retreat this past May, meeting and masterminding with so many other individually unique, enlightened human beings, I decided to tap into this Power and Courage, just being Curious little ol’ ME.  🙂

                          I decided to really Stretch myself, and Grow out of my shell…. and become a Guide!

                                     Wowee! Was this ever yet another game changer!!!!  

                       There’s a great big beautiful world out here, full of Love, Aliveness, and Dreams to manifest!

The Personal Sacrifice, Discipline, Learning, and GROWING which has occurred over the last 6 weeks, has been absolutely Phenomenal! The training is absolutely First Class, all the way!

I have become a Change Agent of myself, as well as having gained the ability, and learned the skills to Help Others to do the same, guiding them to become the Very Best Version of Themselves!  Wow! My DMP is Manifesting here in real-time, right before my eyes…. 

                                                What an absolutely fantastic Transformation!

I have learned computer, and communication skills that I could have only imagined before. I AM still learning to create my website just the way I want it, and learning so much more every step that I take further away from that shell. I Absolutely ADORE Who I have become, and most of all, I adore the WHY! 



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Ha, Been watching you FLY all summer. Hugs to you Brenda. <3

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks, Edina! This is such an Incredible Journey! Hugs to you, too! 🙂

Andrew Millar

What a great encapsulation of a terrific journey we are taking!
All the Best,

    Brenda Buck

    Thank You Andrew! When I write, it is my Spirit speaking, and Creating. Straight from the Heart!!

Heather C.

WOW Brenda! I had no idea you decided to become a Guide, but I’m so glad you did! Those whose lives you touch will be forever blessed and changed!

    Brenda Buck

    Yes! I got to thinking one day, actually from about 3 weeks into last year’s class, that being a Guide is what I wanted, and needed…. so I went for it! Best decision I’ve ever made! LOL. Thank you for your kindness! 🙂

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