MKE Week 3-6 The Journey Of A Thousand Miles

               Wow! The last month here in the Masterkeys has been Incredibly Indescribable- Beyond words….

Oh, just so many changes! So many new faces, places, things, and Feelings! Just like these pumpkins, I’ve been from one extreme to the other, and back again….. talk about a rollercoaster ride! 🙂

I started this Journey of a thousand miles by working a lot of really long, hard hours, day in and day out, in order to finance my obligations during my absence, and secure travelling money for the road. I sent my cat, Potter, to a new permanent home, and then I started packing and making final preparations to leave my home for at least 30-45 days- to drive across the country, and welcome my first Grandson into this world…

A definite Life-changing, and Game-changing experience! Little Man Wyatt was born a week ago Thursday, and I must say, he’s got my heart. So Whole, Perfect, Strong, and definitely created by First Class, and for First Class!

His daily growth is Awe-Inspiring! I’ve taken so many, many pictures of him, and spent many, many unforgettable  hours holding and cherishing him in Pure Love, and Aliveness! 



I finally looked at my calendar this morning, because I feel as though I AM missing something. As I sit here and think about Life, I realize that sure enough, I AM without my Former Self. The Old Blueprint is gone, permanently. This week alone, I have cried what seems like a million tears…. The memories of each of my own babies, when they were newborns, floods my mind. Where, oh where, does the time go? It seems as though that was just the other day….


I suddenly think of the WHY behind fulfilling my Purpose, and with tears of Joy, here I AM, writing to all of you.  🙂    I committed to being an MKMMA Guide this year, a Service that I immensely enjoy, and although I feel as though I have failed in numerous ways over the last couple weeks, I know in my Heart, that I have not…..

                                   So here goes the rest of the story…. LOL…



My 19 yr. old son, Jeremy, and I, wanted to take a road trip through states we hadn’t been through before, so we left Texas in my very well used Tahoe Sunday afternoon, almost 2 weeks ago. I drove until midnight, when somewhere in the middle of Arkansas, a Waffle house, and a resting area came into play. A few hours later, at 6AM, I decided that I was rested enough to continue on this long journey, as I can’t sleep, and am really excited to get where I am going. We drove for 16 hours this time, only stopping for food, restrooms, and gas. 


We travelled through the rest of Arkansas, all of Tennessee, and then into North Carolina. Wow! So very Beautiful…

The trees changing into their Fall colors, the well-built Interstate, and a vehicle Flawlessly running within it’s Element, Perfectly executing what it was designed to do. All of the worries of mechanical failure now vanished!


This mountain pass is simply Gorgeous, and SO worth the additional 4 hours driving time…. 😉

As we near Raleigh, it begins to storm. Big, fat raindrops being driven by the powerful wind and hitting my windshield so hard that I cannot see. It is dark, I don’t know where I am, and I can’t see the lines on the road. I’m already so tired that I can’t see straight…. Yikes!!!!

I AM Grateful that over the last year in the Masterkeys I have learned Focus, Determination, Persistence, and most of all, how to change my thoughts, and subsequently change my world. I have become flexible, yet steadfast in my convictions. I simply must keep going… We arrive safely at our destination. I sleep for quite a while, and then I help my youngest daughter prepare for her first little Nature’s Greatest Miracle. It is wonderful to see her so Happy, and tears of Joy flood my eyes once again. Over the next few days, I set up her own little Peaceful Zone outside…. with a mosaic tile patio set, and a few more of my beloved plants from home, which are now producing babies of their own.

The Liberty and Legacy in this story just go on and on…..


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Starla dejong

Oh your blog touched my heart Brenda. SO much feeling.. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences. Congratulations on your new grandson that must be exhilarating to welcome your new bundle of joy into the big new world!

    Brenda Buck

    Thank You, Starla! This whole experience has seriously touched my heart over the last couple of weeks! I have cried so many tears of Joy, and Pure Love. 🙂

kendra bordelon

OMG! What an amazingly awesome hero’s journey to are on…
Wyatt is so beautiful, with his own destiny already unfolding.
I am honored to be able to watch you live life to the fullest and
enjoy everything it has available.
What a infinite blessing!

May the saga continue to overflow with joy and wonderful experiences for you.


    Brenda Buck

    Wow! Kendra… You just brought tears of Joy to my eyes, again! I AM honored to know YOU! I LOVE YOU TOO, MAN! Hehe… 🙂

Andrew Millar

Great account, Brenda. Such wonderful observations. So wonderful of you to be with your daughter at this time.
God bless you.

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You! This truly is a Blessed time for all of us. 🙂

Darren Neilson

Oh My Goodness, That Grand Baby of your is SOOO sweet. He makes me feel inspired to believe the we ARE nature’s Greatest Miracle. BeBlessed-Darren 8=)

    Brenda Buck

    Thanks, Darren! Absolutely he is, and we all are, without a doubt! I hold his tiny little hands, and feel his tiny little finger bones under his skin, and I am simply Amazed. We are all Perfect Spirits, intricately gift wrapped in our physical bodies. 🙂


Bravo my friend!! Oh my, I can see the family resemblance in your first Grand baby Wyatt. He reminds me of Jeremy. Precious soul indeed. Love this post. Missing you and sending you lots of love and light.

Stay blessed!! (((hugs)))


    Thanks! Ha! He does look a LOT like his Uncle Jeremy! 🙂 I miss you, too. I’ll journey another thousand miles here in a couple weeks, and return back home, and of course, write about that one too! LOL…

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