MKE Week 7-11 The Journey of The Next Thousand Miles

Ah, Yes! My favorite numbers… 7 & 11.

Suddenly, I think back to when I was but 7 years old….. the year everything changed.

    This is me, in 1973, Age 7.

I’m living just north of Dallas, and I love my life, and our private school.  I AM allowed to be young, happy, and free. Free to just BE me. Playing outside in the creek, or the treehouse, and the numerous forts that my older siblings built. Eating ants off the sidewalk with my older brother, because he says they are made of protein and good for me. Tending to our huge vegetable garden, picking out weeds, and collecting slugs and snails for 5 cents apiece. Feeding, and collecting eggs from, the many chickens that we raise. Learning what happens when you put a flame to a parched stalk of grass in a 2 acre field in 110 degree Texas August heat……


All of a sudden, the maze fort in our massive sunflower patch is gone. The grass is gone. The neighbors’ grass is gone. The garden, trees, and chicken coops are singed…. and my Brother and I are in a whole lot of trouble!

There’s also trouble brewing within our home. My Beloved Father is not home very much any more. He is working all the time, doing research projects with his undergraduate students. I’ve started to notice that a lot of them are young, pretty females, just a few years older than my biggest sister.

It is now Christmas morning, and before we can open our presents, the 4 of us kids are lined up against the wall in our gorgeous living room looking over the creek, and our Father informs us of his decision to permanently move to Hawaii, without us, as my Mom is unsure about moving so far away, to an island in the middle of the Pacific. She chooses to stay behind with all of us, now aged 8, 10, 14, and 16. Our whole world as we know it, is gone, in a sudden flash fire!

My Father leaves, and we are put into the public school system. My eldest sister moves off to finish her education at Princeton University, my middle sister starts working, dating, and eventually marries. My brother and I remain with my Mom, except for summers, which we spend in Hawaii with my Father. My parents get divorced, and my Mom gets remarried. To a real POS! We move to Austin, and everything else continues to spiral out of control…..

1977, Age 11

By the time I’ve reached the age of 11, my brother has started dating, and I think I am all grown up, too, in ways which surpass my tender years. I’ve learned to drive, I’ve learned to shoot a gun, I’ve learned how to sneak out of my bedroom window, and do what I want, when I want. I’ve learned how to smoke, drink, and hang out at Rock & Roll concerts with my “friends”, the first being Fleetwood Mac, Heart, and Journey…

I’ve also learned that far too many of us suffer at the hands of alcoholism, and sexual abuse. I know WHO I AM, and I know WHAT I WANT, and I want OUT of this treacherous situation, now!

One fateful night, I find myself in a huge conflict with my Mom, and 6 hours later, I am being put on a plane, and shipped off to my Father in Hawaii. I AM excited, and happy to be free of the turmoil at last, or so I thought….  When I wake up, the plane is approaching Honolulu. I’ll never forget the joy and excitement running through my soul. However, when my Father picks me up at the airport, instead of being happy to see me, he just said “You are here to turn over a new leaf, right?” My soul is instantly crushed, again, and my immediate response is a very disheartened “Yeah, several of them….”

The rest of this story leads me to the WHY behind my lifelong dream of writing my autobiography….


Throughout the last year here in the Masterkeys, I have learned that my sparkle is not meant to be dulled, for ANY reason. I AM fully Alive- with Passion, Purpose, and a full understanding of the many very strange complexities of life.

In studying OG Mandino- Scroll II & III…..  Most of all, I have learned to Love myself. 

I Persist, and I Win!


SO…. fast forward 40 years, and I AM is now age 51, and Stronger than ever…..

After spending a month in North Carolina with my youngest daughter, and my newborn grandson, my son and I slowly start to make our journey back to Texas.  One of my MKE tribe members lives in Myrtle Beach, SC. , so we stopped at her home, where she very graciously prepared dinner for us, and provided us rest for the night.

The next day, she took us to lunch, and then down to the beach. What a beautiful Spirit this woman is, and I AM so very honored to know her personally. 





My thoughts are drifting, and I find myself not wanting to leave, and continue on this journey back home. I want to stay here, close to my grandson….. I like Myrtle Beach, and I could so totally live here……

The highrises in the background, the little beachwear and coffee shops, and the quaint little restaurants…

Hey, this is suddenly reminding me of my teenage years living on the streets of Waikiki……

Alas, I glance at my watch, and reality kicks back in. I must return home, to prepare myself for moving….


We made it to Savannah, Ga. about dark thirty. It is raining, I cannot see, and the resistance of my soul is tugging at me with great force. I want to turn around, and go back to North Carolina. So, we stop at yet another friends’ home for the night….

The next morning, we leave at 7:30 am, and drive, and drive, and drive….. for 17 hours solid, celebrating every time we cross yet another state line.

We are so close to home, but yet, so very far away….


I can honestly say, that this journey of a thousand miles is so much more than that. I find myself thinking again…. How on earth am I ever going to be ok with moving so far away, to an island in the middle of the Pacific? Whoa… I AM my mothers’ youngest daughter…..


I return home, sleep for a couple of days, and then I decorate my home for Christmas, my favorite holiday, in order to keep my Spirit shining ever so Brightly!


I go within myself, and now I have the answer. It’s magnificently ALL Good, as The Universe in always in Perfect order.  So, I go to the doctor, get my haircut for the first time in over a year, order some new eyeglasses, pay my bills, and catch up with myself again.

The end result? Absolutely Phenomenal…..

I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, Happy, and Healthy! 

Peace, and Abundance!




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Cheryl Hillskemper

I can’t wait to read the next chapter. I can’t wait to read your book.
This blog is shareworthy!

Write on!
Live on!

Peace and abundance always.

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