Mkmma Week 1

When I first decided to make a commitment to the MKMMA course, I was a little nervous about the amount of work and time that is required. Then I thought, if not now, when? So, I followed my intuition, and did all of the requirements for the scholarship application anyway. I received the scholarship almost immediately, and my excitement really started to grow!

I had already secured a family reunion/ vacation for a week in Colorado, (Sept. 14th-21st), and I just knew I would not be focusing on anything but family while there. However, even before all of us here even began week one, up there in those gorgeous, crisp, clean air mountains, I could not stop thinking about the miraculous journey ahead. All of a sudden, my mindset changed, seemingly automatically. I experienced a few alone times, in serious life reflection. and I returned home renewed, and excited!!!  This is it, I know!

Although I was totally prepared for Yesterday’s webinar, I found myself to still be a little anxious about the “time” I will be spending here, as for my main career, I am basically on call 24-7, although I am self directed, and self employed. So, I simply explained to my clients that on Sunday afternoon, and a few other select times throughout the week, that I will simply be unavailable for a couple of hours, and why. Sharing this news with them has been a very smooth process, and accepted and understood by all.

I really enjoyed the webinar, and all of the detailed information contained therein. I also have really enjoyed Lesson 1, and find myself completing all of the tasks in a timely fashion. It is like second nature to me, and not difficult so far. I’ll do the sitting part tonight, and reflect on that later on….

I feel a need to read, read, read…. and then some. Reading usually makes me very sleepy, but not with this. This course is just amazing! Apparently, my mind has been looking for itself for a very long time. I am now truly INSPIRED!!!