Week 17HJ- Navigating Myself

     The last couple of weeks here in the Masterkeys have been quite fascinating, to say the least. I have been led from one extreme to the other, and back again, continuously stretching my potential until it cried for mercy….

It is 4:30 am here in Texas, and my Self has just awoken me from a very sound slumber, Knowing that I have a 5am deadline to write to ya’ll. I am almost fully awake, and am now going to make the time to write, regardless of anything else that needs to be happening in this moment.  It takes me 3-4 hours to write like I want to.  Like I need to!  I want to write so much, that I could spend hours on a deserted beach, or on a boulder in the middle of a mountain stream, doing just that.    

                    Simply Beautiful                                                                       

    Hmmm… yet another Burning desire, growing ever nearer in the distance… As the Eagles sang in one of their best songs…. “Somewhere out here on this horizon, I see the lights of a neon sign…”  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcKORAI9DCPV4WZTifJikTg                      

    Navigating this 7 bridges road that I live on, quite literally, is dangerous and breathtaking all at the same time. Although I have learned to live by the compass, unfortunately most of society still runs on time. In my current working environments, this is a struggle. It seems as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. I am remaining eager, focused, grateful, courageous, bold, kind (for the most part), consistent, grounded, etc. through this whole process…. S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!! I am so very grateful for all of the lessons that we learn here, and for all of YOU, who actually understand the value and meaning that each of us bring to our very own lives. What an Incredible Journey we are all on….

     My virtue to educe this week has been discipline, which I thought I had for the most part, and have done really well with lately. However, I have spent a lifetime of why’s, that haven’t really gotten me anywhere but around in the same old circles. Why did I procrastinate? Why did I sacrifice everything for others, not leaving any time for what I wanted, and needed to do? Why did I not see myself as but a grain of sand? Why did I see myself as Unimportant? Unseen? Invisible?  

Too many why’s….  Stop It! LOL….

STEP 1. Back to Og, and Mandino….

   In the silence, I can see, and feel my whole world shaking- with huge chunks of cement crumbling to the ground. Wow! I am not the same person that I was at all…

I chose to go across this scary bridge, and through this scary door-

           And look what I found…. 

                 BAM! I found myself! Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy!

 I gave myself Permission to be Happy, and I gave myself Permission to rescue ME…. and here I AM. I have allowed my old self to slowly die, and I have ignited that Divine spark, and seriously fanned that flame. Although all of these exercise bridges have been very tough on me, shaking me to my very core, again and again, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM, and I have managed not to drown in the very deep waters of the abyss, and I have made it full circle in this Hero’s Journey. For I am a Mountain, NOT just a grain of sand!!!

I have become Transcendent… 

 Game On! 🙂                                                                                                                    

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Awesome Brentastic! Incredible transcendent journey indeed. Grateful you’re in my world.. Love your always candid, transparent and inspiring posts. Thank you!!

    Brenda Buck

    Hehe! Brentastic! Now, THAT- I AM! 🙂 I was given this nickname around Christmas ( I see a link here with this timing) by another Great person in my life. Deanna, I AM also very Grateful that you are part my daily world, I silently Thank You every day for being the Strength that I needed to change myself. 🙂

Rip Yegerman

You Rock Brenda! What a great post! So inspiring…and you write so well! I agree…I could write for days too! …but it is the content and the journey that you write about that is so touching. The success…I see it as success, but what is success… each of us have our own version of success… 😉 The growth of you is what inspires me. The awareness and perspective which controls each of us yet do we know or understand that? Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

    Brenda Buck

    Ha! Thank You, Rip! My Rock, whehter it be in the ocean, or in that mountain stream, is Myself, and she goes everywhere that I go. 🙂 Hmmm… Success… now that I AM. Successfully Growing in each and every moment! Wow! You just made my day! Thank You, again….

Jenny Shear

Great blog post! I admire your ability to wake up so early, but I read why you did. I’m a why asker as well. Your joy and overflowing love is contagious. I love the beautiful scenic pictures on here as well.
Thank you for continuing to inspire me!

    Brenda Buck

    Oh, Thank You, Jenny! Your kindness and appreciation give me a Great feeling! 🙂 You are most welcome.Ha! Sometimes I feel as though I am writing to myself, although I know that I am not…. My Inherent Passion, and ability to Inspire, I now know, is for a cause so very much bigger than myself!! 🙂 In the end- It’s ALL GOOD!

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