Week 4- The Winds of Change


      Yesterday, the Fall Season finally arrived here in SE Texas. The wind started blowing, it rained, the humidity dissappeared, and temperatures dropped by 30 degrees in a matter of hours.                  I absolutely love this time of year, and the changing of the seasons.  I remember, as a child, all of us jumping from the rooftop onto huge, fresh piles of leaves…… It required Courage, and was SO much FUN!  Ahhh… to be so young and free again…..  

      Today is Friday, which has always been one of my favorites. I look forward to this day all week here in the Masterkeys! I love waking up, and reading everyone’s Blog while I’m enjoying my morning coffee. 🙂 This morning, I was automatically linked to someone who is not Blogging with MKMMA, but under the category of Happiness. Wow! One of her blogs was just incredible, and really spoke volumes within. I will share it in my next post, for all to see. This immediately reminded me of the importance of Digital Connections! Simply Outstanding! 

      My little 7 year old self who joined me last week, has been quite busy, for days now it seems…. talk about the Law of Attraction! So many memories have flooded my mind in everything I am doing! I vividly remember my grandparents, may they all now Rest in Peace, and the knowledge that they instilled in all of us. I can see their back yard and vegetable garden. I can see my own childhood yard and garden, the slugs I collected to save the veggies, and the chickens we raised for eggs and meat. Now, I considered these chickens to be my pets, as my chore was to feed them. They pecked at my toes, and I loved them. Then, as I grew a little in age, after my Father killed them, and hung them upside down by their feet, it was my chore to pluck their feathers, so they would be ready for my Mom to package…..  This is a feeling I will never forget……                                                 The picture above is of my own back yard, where I raised my 3 youngest children. Now that they are all grown, the circle is complete, and the Winds of Change have arrived once again. 

     We have been instructed to just BE the Observer. This is much harder than what one might think. My young, and now NEW self has this down, but “Subby”  has been working overtime this week, attempting to resist the change at every turn.

     Distractions have come out of left field, but I DO NOT allow them to interfere with my work here. Having completed all of my other tasks, here I AM, at the last hour, writing to all of you. It has been an Incredible week, although I have felt overwhelmed at times, as I take notice, and choose to act upon, the change Within.

    Abundance has also come out of left field! Just like the Autumn Winds, and the Ocean Tides, the River Current flows in, and it also flows out. Over the years, I have done some of my best journaling sitting on a Boulder in the middle of a river, or on a rock formation in the ocean surrounded by the waves at high tide……The law of Giving and Receiving, it just simply flows….

The seed has been planted, and with my consistent daily nourishment, is quickly becoming a lush green forest! Beautiful, Splendid, and ALIVE! 

I AM is in the Flow, I AM is rigging the game, I AM is tough as nails, and I AM is no longer the victim! I AM is now quite Victorious!  I AM is STOKED with these Winds of Change……